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Yaay! You Don't Need an Account to Use Proton VPN's Free Plan on Android

It's easier to use Proton VPN now.

In a time when free VPN services are looked at as a thing of suspicion, Proton VPN has taken its place in being one of the best VPN services around; for both desktop and mobile.

Of course, people still raise questions such as: How can this VPN service be free, do they harvest user data?, and to that Proton usually replies something alongside the lines of:

Our Free plan is made possible thanks to the support from our paid users, and not your data.

Anyhow, in a recent announcement, they have made their VPN app more accessible for users. Let's check it out.

A More Accessible Proton VPN: What to Expect?

a screenshot of the new continue as guest sign in option for the proton vpn android app

Announced at the end of last week, Proton has decided to remove the login requirement for the Proton VPN app on Android, allowing any user to use the functionalities of the app without logging in.

Users can use the new “Continue as guest” option to get started with Proton VPN right away, making the service more accessible to users who don't want to create a Proton account.

This comes after the relatively polarizing move of removing the ability to manually select servers for the users of free plans, and tying it to the paid plans.

As expected, users didn't like that, and I get their concern. Many of those free servers are not really convenient for users to access, and usually lead to very slow connection speeds.

Proton also reaffirmed their campaign of introducing about 20 new free servers in the following countries two weeks before, and one week after their elections, in a move to combat misinformation and censorship.

Many of those countries have gone through their elections, with varying degrees of difficulties encountered. However, Proton does mention that these availability periods are subject to change according to the situation of a country, due to things like change in election dates, for instance.

If you are eager to learn more about their election-driven initiative, then you can refer to the official blog.

📥 Get Proton VPN

You can grab the latest Proton VPN release for Android from the Play Store, and if you are interested in signing up for a paid plan, then you can refer to the official website (partner link).

💬 Do you think this approach will further help users in repressive regimes safeguard their freedom of speech? Let me know below.

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