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Richard Stallman is Battling Cancer 😔

Let's wish for a quick recovery!

To celebrate the GNU Project's 40th anniversary, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is organizing a hackday on Oct. 1 (GNU 40) for families, students, and anyone else in the US.

Before the event, the project turned 40 on Sept. 27, a part of the community along with Richard Stallman gathered for the GNU Hacker's Meeting in Biel, Switzerland.

While he shared his thoughts at the event, he also revealed that he has cancer.

Looking at the keynote, Richard Stallman does not look the same without his iconic beard and long hair. Considering he is already undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancer, that explains it.

richard stallman at gnu 40
Richard Stallman at GNU Hacker's Meeting (Biel, Switzerland) | Source:

He did not share much about his health condition but said that it is manageable, and he will be alright for many more years.

Furthermore, he emphasized:

So, it has made a fundamental change in my life.. I am still working for Free Software Foundation and other causes separately.

Richard Matthew Stallman (rms): Get Well Soon!

Richard Stallman is a computer scientist who revealed the Unix-like operating system called GNU (GNU's not Unix) on September 27, 1983.

So, Linux would not have been possible without it. And, that is the reason some prefer to refer Linux as GNU/Linux.

If you are curious, he also created the Free Software Movement, which is the basis of open-source practice today.

Sure, he has been with involved with many controversial takes for different things, but the impact he's had on Linux and open-source is huge!

Undoubtedly, it is terrible news to know that Richard is battling cancer now. And, despite all of that, he enthusiastically appeared for a keynote, and gave a speech at the age of 70.

All the good wishes to Richard for his quick recovery. 💐

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