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Great News for CentOS Users! Rocky Linux is Set to Arrive in Q2 2021

If you’ve been following the news, you might have already heard about Rocky Linux. To give you a quick summary, it’s meant to be a CentOS replacement by the original CentOS creator.

In our previous coverage, we did not have any other information regarding the release date and relevant technical details. But, now, through an official community update on Rocky Linux forums, we have some exciting information to share.

It looks like Rocky Linux is going to arrive soon in the second quarter (Q2) of 2021. Of course, we still do not have an exact release date but Q2, 2021 is a promising release window to target.

In addition to the release timeline, they have also shared relevant information about the planned infrastructure, release engineering, security, community, special interest groups (SIGs), sponsors, and legal details.

Let me briefly highlight some of the important details.

Infrastructure & Timeline

They’ve picked AWS as the primary built platform to protect the integrity of the supply chain. For obvious reasons, they will have a physical infrastructure outside AWS.

To get started with the physical infrastructure, they are in talks with several data centers and Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOS) for resources.

Even though they’ve mentioned Q2, 2021 as the planned release timeline, they will also share the exact details for the availability of release candidate, automatic package builds, and ETA for community testing before it goes live.

Legal & Community

In addition to the forums, they already have a twitter handle and other social media accounts. For discussions, they will be utilizing Mattermost.

Similar to CentOS, you can expect plenty of community support and transparency from the Rocky Linux team.

As of now, they’ve registered The Rocky Linux Foundation, Inc. as a legal not-for-profit entity in the United States (Delaware). They’ll be sharing more updates on the legal side as they get more community opinion on how to approach the legal entity as a whole.

Here’s How You Can Contribute

You can fill up the participation form if you’re interested to contribute and help Rocky Linux team. In either case, you can simply drop an email to [email protected] for any suggestions/queries.

More details to Follow..

You can keep an eye on their forums and the official forum post to know more about Rocky Linux.

What do you think about Rocky Linux? Are you optimistic about the plans laid out by the Rocky Linux team? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

Rest assured, we will cover any significant update that follows for Rocky Linux. So, make sure you follow us on Feedly or just bookmark It’s FOSS News to stay up-to-date!

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