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I Found The Perfect Open-Source Keyboard App for Android

A simple, secure, and privacy-friendly keyboard app for Android that you need!

While we already have a list of open-source Android apps, we are going to draw attention to some interesting FOSS apps for Android regularly.

Sounds fun? Don't forget to suggest some fantastic open-source Android apps in the comments after you read the article 😉

So, let us start with a keyboard app, which is what we interact with the most on our Android phones.

We carry on private conversations, type in our credentials, and search for things using the keyboard app. In other words, if the keyboard app wanted to track us, and collect our data, it would know almost everything, right? 🤯

You may have thought about it, or you may not have...

But, I think it is super important for you to choose a keyboard app that respects privacy, and offers you a secure experience.

Keyboard Apps on Android: What Are Your Options?

google play store keyboard listings

Sure, there are popular keyboard app choices that include Google's Gboard, and Microsoft's SwiftKey from the Google Play Store. And, if nothing else works, your default system keyboard app from your manufacturer does the job.

Unfortunately, we are not left with many options now.

In the early days of Android, we had an impressive variety of keyboard apps, like Go keyboard, Fleksi, Swype, and others.

SwiftKey was my favorite keyboard app back then (not open-source) until Microsoft acquired it.

Well, maybe it is convenient, and reliable to use popular keyboard apps, but it is a shame to see innovation die in that space. So, with limited options, how do you choose a keyboard app that's secure and gets the job done?

Just pick a free and open-source app that respects your privacy! And, you are all set 😎

And, here, I picked one for you, i.e., Simple Keyboard.

With an open-source keyboard app, you can check the source code to ensure the app does what it aims to do, and does not use any clever techniques to collect data.

Simple Keyboard: Just What You Need!

simple keyboard screenshots

Sure, there are a couple of open-source keyboard apps, like AnySoftKeyboard. But, not all of them get regular updates or are actively maintained.

To save you the time, I did the research. And, I found the one keyboard app that, I think, would suit everyone.

The Simple Keyboard. It is an all-rounder:

  • Open-source code
  • Maintained and updated regularly
  • Offers all the essentials
  • Does not get in your way with fancy features
  • Does not collect/store any of your data
  • A perfect replacement to Gboard

I do not think any user will want more than any of these, unless they are looking for a very particular feature in the keyboard app (or want special theming).

Simple Keyboard is a free and open-source application that offers a secure and private user experience.

It offers features like:

  • Auto-capitalization
  • Space swipe cursor move
  • Separate number row
  • Key press tweaks
  • Material themes
  • Custom keyboard color

The keyboard app looks like this in action:

If you are switching away from SwiftKey keyboard, you will miss the predictions/auto-complete feature. But, once you get the hang of it, it should be just like Google's Gboard without any hassle.

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Download and Install Simple Keyboard

You can get the keyboard app from the Google Play Store, or F-Droid.

To explore more about it and the source code, you can head to its GitHub page.

💭 What do you think about the Simple Keyboard app? Do you find some other app better than this? Any other open-source app suggestions? Feel free to let me know!

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