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Skiff Mail Adds a Convenient 'Quick Aliases' Feature

A time saver feature for email alias users.

Skiff Mail is a source-available end-to-end encrypted email service with a strong focus on privacy. It is a nice alternative to Gmail and Proton mail in various ways, including its user experience.

While it is fairly new compared to its competitors, it might impress you with some of its privacy-focused features.

To add to the list, a new quick alias feature has been introduced. I gave it a try, and it sounds like something incredibly handy.

Quick Aliases: One-Time Hassle-Free Setup

In general, you create email aliases using some email protection tools like SimpleLogin, or from within your email provider (whoever it is).

skiff quick email aliases option

You have the option to remember the email alias to use it or generate unique aliases every time you sign up for a service, newsletter or provide your contact info to someone you do not know.

In other words, it requires multiple interactions from your end to use multiple email aliases for most part.

Here, Skiff Mail lets you claim an entire unique subdomain for yourself like (as I did for my test use-case):

skiff quick email alias domain

Next, all you have to do is – treat it as your website address upon activating it, and add anything before that as an email address, such as or

As illustrated by the screenshot above, you can choose to generate a randomized name to claim as well.

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You can access the “Quick Aliases” feature from the Settings menu:

skiff quick email aliases option

So, you no longer have to generate email aliases, but still be able to have unlimited aliases this way. Making it a one-time setup solution, for both online and offline use.

I think these types of aliases should have a couple of benefits:

  • It makes it easy for you to create new aliases without needing to access the tool
  • Makes the email aliases look more genuine than spammy

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You can claim up to 3 domains per person depending on your subscription (Essential:1, Pro: 2, and Business: 3). And, create unlimited email aliases with them.

If you are on the free plan, you can also claim one domain, but you will be limited to 10 aliases.

💬 What are your thoughts on this feature? Let me know in the comments below.

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