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Slax Linux Re-Introduces a Slackware Variant With Slax 15 Release

Slax is one of the most interesting lightweight Linux distributions.

It was also a suitable option for 32-bit systems, considering it is based on Slackware. If you are curious, Slackware is the oldest active Linux distribution and witnessed a major upgrade after 6 years, i.e, Slackware 15.

Slax also offered an alternative edition based on Debian, which is being actively maintained. Unfortunately, as mentioned by the creator in the blog post, the Slackware-based version (Slax 14) did not see an update for a long time (9 years).

So, it is refreshing to see a major upgrade finally to it in the form of Slax 15.0, along with a minor update to its Debian edition, i.e, Slax 11.4.0.

Interestingly, the release was available to its supporters back in July 2022. And now, it is available for everyone to download and try out.

Let me highlight what’s new.

Slax 15.0 and Slax 11.4 Release

To address the key upgrade, Slax 15.0 brings along the improvements added to Slackware 15.0.

That should include the addition of Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS, which should add enhanced NTFS driver support, and refinements for Intel/AMD processors. You may want to check the kernel flavors offered to get more built-in drivers, or the generic option to save memory and boot time warnings.

The release supports slackpkg with its plugin, which means you can install software from various repositories, including the official Slackware repo and a SlackOnly repo.

Slax 15.0 also involves an updated shutdown procedure with refined handling to unmount devices.

Considering Slax is no more a KDE-based distribution. So, you can expect a Fluxbox-based edition when you download the ISO for its Slackware or Debian-based edition.

When it comes to the Debian edition, you will find it based on Debian 11.4 “Bullseye” update.

Download Slax 15.0 and Slax 11.4

You cannot find a 32-bit version for the Slackware-based release, but only for the Debian-based ISO.

The ISO files are available to download on its official website. Optional purchase options are available as well if you want to support the project in a way.

In either case, you can head to its Patreon page to show support.

What do you think about the Slax 15.0 release? Have you tried it yet?

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