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Sony Adds Initial Linux Support for PS5's New DualSense Edge Controller

Sony is gearing up to support its latest hardware on Linux.

Having support for new hardware on Linux is always good. It gives users the freedom to choose any platform of their choice.

But, for gaming gear, that is not always the case. With Linux, not all gaming accessories work as expected.

Sony, on the other hand, is making a reasonable effort by adding initial support for a piece of hardware that has not yet been released into the market.

DualSense Edge, the next-gen wireless controller from Sony is getting Linux support! 🤯

DualSense Edge Linux Support

The folks over at Phoronix were the first ones to spot this.

Sony has started work to provide initial support on Linux for their recently announced DualSense Edge wireless controller, which is set to hit the shelves around January 26, 2023.

The DualSense Edge wireless controller features a host of customization options and features that make it different from the standard DualSense controllers.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Reprogrammable Buttons
  • User-replaceable Sticks
  • Customizable Stick and Trigger Sensitivity
  • Control Profiles
  • Haptic Feedback

Roderick Colenbrander is leading the development for the initial support on Linux from Sony.

He recently added a new patch to the official hid-playstation driver repository, that has enabled initial support for the DualSense Edge controller.

You can expect this early support to land with the upcoming Linux Kernel 6.1.

He mentions that adding device IDs to the repo should enable DualSense Edge controllers to work similarly to the standard DualSense controllers.

On the contrary, support for new features such as reprogrammable buttons and stick sensitivity customization will be introduced later.

Therefore, support for this controller should mature as time passes, and the decision by Sony to add Linux support seems to be a good one.

Adding Linux support for an upcoming product increases the confidence of potential customers who like to use the controller on multiple platforms. Not to forget, this should help in increased sales and give them an edge over their competitors.

💬 DualSense Edge is an impressive controller, so are you excited to have the support on Linux?

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