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Switcheroo: Convert Your Images With This Open-Source App for Linux!

Easily convert images using this free and open-source Linux app!

If you are like me, you have to deal with plenty of image files that are not necessarily in the correct format for your use case. I usually use the proprietary XnConvert app to get the job done, but, for me, the need for an open-source image converter app remains.

Luckily, I have found a great open-source image converter app for Linux that gets the job done. It's called “Switcheroo”, and you might find it familiar. Let's dive in!

Switcheroo: Overview ⭐

a screenshot of switcheroo

Formerly known as Converter, Switcheroo is a neat image conversion app that has been written almost completely in the Rust programming language, and is part of the GNOME circle.

It supports a wide range of image formats that include, JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF, BMP, HEIF, JXL, TIFF, and more.

Other than that, here are its key highlights:

  • Open-Source
  • Fast Conversions
  • Minimal User Interface

Initial Impressions 👨‍💻

The installation went smoothly thanks to the official Flatpak package, and I added a PNG file for conversion by clicking on the “Open Images…” button. I tried dragging and dropping images into Switcheroo, but the app just crashed; more on that later.

a screenshot of switcheroo converting a image

Switcheroo allowed me to convert images into formats like JPG, HEIF, AVIF, WebP, etc. with options to tweak the quality of the output, setting the background color for converting transparent images, ability to resize them, and set a resize algorithm.

a screenshot of switcheroo image conversion tools

I could also convert multiple images at a time by adding them using the “Plus” button on the top-left of the app.

a screenshot of switcheroo multiple images conversion

The preferences' menu had many options, such as pasting from the clipboard, opening a new window, clearing the existing window, enabling more file formats, etc.

a screenshot of switcheroo preferences menu

Overall, I will say that Switcheroo does what it's advertised to do. However, on my GNOME 42.9-equipped system, I encountered random bugs while opening files and dragging/dropping images into the app.

Interestingly, it worked just fine when I tested it on a GNOME 46-equipped system, so I would suggest you run Switcheroo on newer GNOME releases to avoid the above-mentioned issues.

📥 Get Switcheroo

You can find Switcheroo on the Flathub store, or if you are up for an adventure, then you can visit its GitLab repo.

You can also run the following command to get it installed on your Flatpak-equipped system:

flatpak install flathub io.gitlab.adhami3310.Converter

💬 Did you like what Switcheroo has to offer? Let me know below!

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