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Open Source TinaCMS Has Been Acquired!

The open-source CMS project has been acquired with no fundamental changes to it.

In the wide assortment of open-source CMS tools, TinaCMS stands out for certain users for all it has to offer, as well as the cute Llama logo that it carries so proudly.

In a recent move, TinaCMS has undergone an ownership change in a way that's quite wholesome to see. So, join me as I take you through the situation.

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When A Long-Time Customer Truly Believes in the Product

Announced by Scott Gallant, founder of TinaCMS, SSW, an enterprise software development firm out of Australia, has acquired the business for an undisclosed amount.

SSW has been using TinaCMS since its early days, and they were impressed with how it included a “rocking Markdown editor” and “the best version control system on the market”.

When Scott became aware that Adam Cogan, the CEO of SSW, was interested in buying TinaCMS, he asked him why. Adam answered, saying that:

I just want the project to live forever

Subsequently, they had a long chat, and that is when Scott realized that SSW was closely aligned with what they had envisioned for TinaCMS.

Before this, the TinaCMS team was getting by with a tight budget and only four developers who made it all happen. You can take a look at the GitHub repo to explore more.

With SSW's 30 years of experience and the expertise of over 100 employees in the mix, TinaCMS might just be the next big CMS player, alongside the likes of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Scott also mentioned that, with this move, he is going from being CEO to Product Owner, allowing him to focus 100% of his time on ensuring that TinaCMS receives the care it deserves.

He also encouraged people from the community to come forward and share product suggestions, bug reports, or anything that could help further the development of TinaCMS.

If you are interested in sharing your ideas for their future, head to their Discord server, or shoot a mail to either of the following email addresses: ( or

Additionally, you can also refer to Adam's blog post on this to learn more about this acquisition.

💬 Your thoughts on this move? Let me know in the comments!

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