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Nextcloud Alternative Twake Adds New Features and Privacy Improvements

If you did not know about Twake, you might want to check out our quick review on Twake app on our main portal.

To give you a quick introduction, I would say that Twake aims to be a modern, open-source Nextcloud alternative with Slack-like features in the mix. In other words, it could be an all-in-one solution for your requirements.

Now, after several updates to the platform, there’s a big release that addresses some improvements and adds a couple of new features.

Here, let me give you some highlights of the latest release.

New and Improved Channels

If you are using Twake to collaborate and communicate as an open-source alternative to Slack, there are some significant improvements to the way everyone interacts with channels.

It is now super easy to leave and join channels, which needed attention in its early implementation.

The channel access rights have been tweaked to let the team members create a channel as per their requirements. If you have a lot of channels and want to add some of them for quick access, you can now add them to favorites to do just that.

Also, if you are in dire need of multiple channels, you will have to ability to create groups of channels to better organize them.

If you create a public channel, you can invite all your workspace members to it in one go. Also, if a new user joins, they will be added to all the public channels by default.

Colleagues and Guest Management

You get a new add colleague button to add collaborators using their email addresses. While it makes things convenient, it is also great to see that you can invite anyone not in your workplace as a guest to a direct channel when needed.

Privacy and Other Improvements

Originally, they used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host everything. Now, they have switched to a France-based server (OVH Cloud) as someone with a better privacy policy in place.

Under-the-hood, they have also transitioned from using PHP to NodeJS in the back end to make things faster.

They have made several technical improvements to ensure security of users’ data and also improved the notifications.

To learn more about what’s coming next and about this specific release, you can check out their official announcement or the GitHub page.

If you haven’t tried Twake yet, it is an interesting choice to go for. While there are some room for improvements like the addition of two-factor authentication for free and standard users, it is an impressive experience.

What do you think about Twake? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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