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Ubuntu 22.10 Daily Builds Available for Early Adopters

It has been a few weeks since Ubuntu 22.04 LTS launched.

Without a surprise, we got the codename for the next version upgrade (non-LTS release) as “Kinetic Kudu” (Kudu referring to the African species of Antelopes, Kinetic hinting at the energy/movement).

Recently, the first daily build of Ubuntu 22.10 also went live for the early testers and developers.

Ubuntu 22.10 Daily Builds: Open for Development

The daily builds are not meant for regular use, but for developers and early testers ready to experiment with absolutely anything.

Considering it is just the first daily build, you should not find any new differences. It is more like the stage has been set to add improvements and feature additions, as per the plans for the next release.

To keep track of things added, you might want to keep in mind the features added to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, to help compare things.

In case you didn’t know, Ubuntu 22.10 has been scheduled to release on October 22, 2022.

When writing this, I couldn’t find the Ubuntu ISO meant for the amd64 architecture on its download page. But, limited to the ARM architecture.

You should find the new ISO in the next few days if it isn’t reflected there.

In addition to Ubuntu, the daily builds for all the official Ubuntu flavours are also available to download. I did find the ISOs available for amd64 for its flavours.

You can explore the download server to find the required ISOs as per your Ubuntu flavour.

It is obvious to expect the upcoming GNOME release and the latest Linux Kernel 5.18 to appear with the early builds. But, given that they haven’t announced the plans, I wouldn’t be too excited about it.

However, suppose you want to keep an eye on the development and the feature additions to Ubuntu 22.10. In that case, you might want to check the release notes for Ubuntu 22.10 (regularly updated to reflect changes).

What do you expect from Ubuntu’s next release? Was Ubuntu 22.04 LTS a satisfactory LTS release? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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