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Ubuntu MATE 23.10 Released: A Modest Upgrade

Ubuntu MATE 23.10 release has arrived!

Among all the Ubuntu flavours, the Ubuntu MATE upgrade is always an interesting one.

However, recent Ubuntu MATE releases have decided to stick to minor changes, with the expected package upgrades and fixes. And, you probably know why!

For readers unaware: it is because of the planned Debian's MATE spin that we covered last year.

With that being said, let me highlight the changes.

Ubuntu MATE 23.10 will be supported for nine months until July 2024

Ubuntu MATE 23.10: What's New?

ubuntu mate 23.10

Ubuntu MATE 23.10 benefits from all the goodies introduced with Ubuntu 23.10.

Moreover, here are a couple of refinements:

  • MATE Desktop updated to v1.26.2
  • More AI-generated wallpapers added
  • Application updates

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MATE Desktop Upgrades

With the latest MATE Desktop 1.26.2, you get a slew of bug fixes and some minor improvements.

The upgrades involve the following:

  • Updated MATE user guide v1.26.2-1
  • Improved portals support
  • Improvement to the system monitor to pick up libexec files from /usr/libexec
  • Fixes to the MATE session manager to work with system monitor better
  • mate-utils 1.26.1-1 fixes memory leaks

Another AI-generated Wallpaper

ubuntu mate 23.10 new wallpaper

While you can already download some interesting wallpapers from the Ubuntu 23.10 updated collection, you get an extra here (as shown in the screenshot above).

Simon Butcher, the one who created this using bleeding-edge diffusion models, mentions:

Since Minotaurs are imaginary creatures, interpretations tend to vary widely. I wanted to produce an image of a powerful creature in a graphic novel style, although not gruesome like many depictions.

The latest open source Stable Diffusion XL base model was trained at a higher resolution and the difference in quality has been noticeable, particularly at better overall consistency and detail, while reducing anatomical irregularities in images. The image was produced locally using Linux and an NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU, starting from an initial text prompt and refined using img2img, inpainting and upscaling features.

Linux Kernel 6.5

Of course, with Linux Kernel 6.5, you can expect better hardware compatibility with new gen components and other improvements.

ubuntu mate 23.10 neofetch
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Other Improvements

The major app upgrades include Firefox 118, Celluloid 0.25, Evolution 3.50, and LibreOffice 7.6.1.

All of this should improve the user experience.

📥 Getting Ubuntu MATE 23.10

The download may take some time to be available after the release announcement.

You can download Ubuntu MATE 23.10 ISO from the official website or Ubuntu's repository.

If you are an existing user and want to upgrade, follow the official instructions in the release notes.

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