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UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 LTS Released!

UbuntuDDE 22.04 LTS is here with Linux Kernel 5.15, DDE Store, and several upgrades.

UbuntuDDE Remix is a distro that integrates the Deepin desktop environment on top of Ubuntu. Users who do not want to try Deepin distribution but like its user interface can try this out.

With Ubuntu 22.04 LTS as its base, it is a major upgrade.

Let us see what they have to offer.

UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04: What's New?

UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 uses Ubuntu 22.04 and Linux Kernel 5.15 as a solid base with the Deepin desktop environment, of course.

ubuntudde remix 22.04 desktop

They have added many new things to Ubuntu with this distro, such as a 'grand search bar', upgraded versions of GTK-based applications, new wallpapers, the DDE app store, and more.

Let's look at some key changes UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 brings to the table.

ubuntudde remix 22.04 grand search

They call it the 'DDE Grand Search', which is a quick app launcher.

This enables users to search for anything quickly, whether apps, files, folders, or even a simple web search. It is activated by a keyboard shortcut (Shift+Space bar).

Linux Kernel 5.15

The distro also features Linux Kernel 5.15, which opens the doors to various features such as enhanced support for Intel Alder Lake CPUs, improvements to the NTFS3 drivers, improved Apple M1 support, and more.

We previously covered the highlights of this Linux Kernel release, you can check it out for more info:

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New Installer Re-design

ubuntudde remix 22.04 installer

The installer on UbuntuDDE Remix seems to have taken a few pages from the book of the QT installer framework, by providing QT-based styling in the Calamares installer with a very familiar layout going on with all the usual options for effortless installation of the distro.

New Wallpapers

ubuntudde remix 22.04 new wallpapers

The release also includes a host of new wallpapers to play around with.

🛠️ Other Changes

You can expect the obvious Deepin applications and goodies that come with it. Some of the noteworthy mentions include:

  • Pre-installed DDE App Store
  • LibreOffice
  • Regular software updates through OTA updates
  • Inclusion of upgraded DTK-based apps such as Deepin Music, Deepin Terminal, Boot Maker, System Monitor and more

Download UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04

You can download the ISO file for UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 by heading to its official download page.

If you're looking for a live USB creation tool to install UbuntuDDE Remix, go through this guide to create one easily:

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Note that it is not an official Ubuntu flavour (hence, "Remix") but it looks like something exciting to try with Deepin desktop on baord.

💬 What do you think? Do you want to experience Deepin desktop on top of Ubuntu?

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