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Verified Flatpak Apps are Coming Soon

Flatpak apps now have a verified badge icon, only on the beta portal for now.

This was already in the works since late last year when a GitHub merge request added initial support for a status verification icon on the Flathub site.

And now, the verified apps can be seen on Flathub's beta platform.

What is it?: It is a work-in-progress verification system for Flatpak apps on the Flathub platform that will facilitate showing a blue check mark beside the name of an app after it has been verified.

the beta platform of flathub showcasing the various verified apps

As you can see, currently, over 70 apps, have been added to the verified list on the beta platform. We expect this number to increase when this is made available for general use.

screenshot from showing an app listed with a verified icon badge

How to get verified?: The developers have to log in to with the GitHub or GitLab account linked to their app, then head to your Developer Profile.

You need to select the app to verify (if there are multiple) and then follow the instructions under "Developer Settings".

Furthermore, there are concerns over which apps should be allowed to gain verified status.

For instance, a Reddit user raised concerns when they noticed an unofficial client for WhatsApp had gained verified status.

Sure, it means that the app developer is the one maintaining/publishing the Flatpak. But it is still a third-party app and not something from WhatsApp.

You get the point.

The app has since been removed from the verified list.

This can cause plenty of issues, especially related to copyright ones, where the IP holder could quickly object to their property being repackaged and used as an official-looking copy.

Let's see how Flathub handles situations like this when this feature is rolled out fully.

When can you expect it?: Sometime this year would be my best guess, as there has not been an official announcement giving a specified date.

Its implementation on Flathub's beta channel is a good sign.

💬 What do you think about Flatpak apps' verified badge icons finally being tested with its beta portal? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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