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Is This The Ultimate Video Streaming App?

A source-available app to end all the annoyances of video streaming applications. What do you think?

Video streaming services mostly include DRMs and restrictions to download offline copies of the media, even if you own them.

Every platform has its set of rules that may or may not be fair to the creators. And, for consumers? Multiple networks to follow, and confusion regarding subscription options available for the platforms.

What if we had a single application that allowed us to access videos from all those networks?

Not just that: what if we could have the perks of offline downloads and more features like the ability to cast videos to TV within the same app, without needing to use multiple apps?

And, all of that in the form of an app whose source code is available to inspect and modify. Sounds impressive, right?

Well, that's what an organization, FUTO (with Louis Rossmann being one of its members) has come up with.

Meet "Grayjay", an app where you can follow content creators across multiple networks without DRMs and any unnecessary restrictions.

Grayjay: Focusing on Creators

grayjay app screenshots

Grayjay is a media app that aims to give creators control over the videos they own, along with any monetization opportunities.

The app is in its initial phase, so its primary objective is not yet reflected with the app.

At present, the app is a source-available offering where you can watch videos from your favorite networks while getting rid of trackers, ads, and other annoyances of the platforms.

Louis Rossmann is at the center of this project, and I believe that makes it worthwhile for us to check it out.

YouTube has removed the video where Louis explains about this project. At the time of writing, there is no follow up to the situation, you can stay tuned to the Louis Rossmann channel to know more.
Louis is a popular YouTuber for videos on repairability, anticompetitive practices, and more on the same line. He always speaks his mind, which makes most of us like him.

The video included information such as:

  • Grayjay aims to be a better replacement to apps like Newpipe and YouTube ReVanced.
  • The app is source-available, which allows you to inspect the source code, make your own version of it as per your requirements (but not for commercial usage).
  • The app is not free to have a business model where users are treated as customers, not products. However, without any DRM, the app will end up offering you an infinite free trial period.
  • While Louis mentions it as open-source for most people to understand, it does not feature the standard license that you would normally expect. They chose to go with a non-standard license to be able to take down malicious redistribution of the app.

You can take a closer look at it on its GitLab page and its official website.

It is currently available for Android only. Considering it is still a work-in-progress, you can decide to install the APK to try it out.

💬 While the app is source-available, Louis mentions that it can be redistributed for personal use-cases. What do you think about Grayjay? Share your thoughts.

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