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Vivaldi Replaces Firefox as the Default Browser on Manjaro Linux Cinnamon

Vivaldi is one of the best web browsers available for Linux.

For all the good reasons, many Linux users have been switching to Vivaldi, especially after Vivaldi 4.0 release.

Now, to take it up a notch, Vivaldi has managed to replace Firefox as the default browser on Arch-based Manjaro Linux (Cinnamon edition).

Even though the Cinnamon version is a community edition, it is surprising that Mozilla Firefox dropped from a Linux distribution.

As per the official announcement, Manjaro’s co-CEO mentioned why they chose Vivaldi:

To give Vivaldi more of the attention it deserves, I decided to include it as the default browser in our popular Cinnamon Community Edition. With its remarkable browsing speed, exceptional customizability and especially the way it values user privacy, Vivaldi for me is a perfect match for Manjaro Linux.

Customized Experience for Manjaro Linux Users

To spice things up, Vivaldi comes baked in with a Manjaro-Cinnamon theme to give you a refreshing out-of-the-box experience.

Of course, if you have already used Vivaldi as your browser, you have to sync your data to get started.

Vivaldi is a Great Option for Linux Users

It is worth noting that Vivaldi is not 100% open-source, but you can find most of its source code online, except its UI. Also, it is based on Chromium.

However, it is a feature-rich web browser that lets you customize a lot of things. You also get a unique tab management feature, integration of web apps, email, calendar, timer, RSS feeds, and more.

I have been using Vivaldi as my daily driver on Linux, keeping Firefox as the secondary for a while now. And, I like the experience so far!

So, if you prefer multi-tasking without leaving the web browser, Vivaldi as your default choice should be exciting.

In addition to this, Vivaldi seems to be taking good care of its privacy policies while offering in-built ad blockers and encrypted sync features.

Get Started Using Vivaldi on Manjaro Linux

You should be able to find and install Vivaldi through official Manjaro repositories.

If you want it by default, you can consider performing a fresh installation of Manjaro Linux Cinnamon.

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