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Rust-based Terminal 'Warp' With Built-in AI is Now Available for Linux ARM!

The AI-powered Rusty Linux terminal is now available for Linux on ARM.

Pitched as a modern terminal emulator, Warp is a cool Rust-based app that is quite intuitive in nature. Though not everyone is a fan of its closed-source nature, we cover it because it is offered for Linux.

Since the last time I took a look at Warp, it has been growing at a remarkable pace, with many users liking the functionalities it has to offer.

Now, with a recent announcement, the developers of Warp have announced that it is now available on Linux for the ARM platform, further increasing the terminal emulator's reach.

Users can choose between packages such as .deb, .rpm, AppImage, and .tar.gz. Meanwhile, for Windows users, the wait for Warp is still ongoing.

With this, users of SBCs, Chromebooks, and even devices that are set to come equipped with the upcoming Snapdragon X series of processors can take advantage of the various features of Warp.

If you are looking for a refresher on Warp's features, then you'll want to read on:

You get to take advantage of AI command suggestions, AI autofill, an IDE-like editing experience, support for custom themes, access to cloud-powered features via Warp Drive, and more.

Want to Check it Out?

You can grab the latest ARM build for Warp from the official website (partner link), where you will also find other packages for x64 Linux and macOS.

If you are already an existing user, then you can directly download the ARM build of Warp from the download page.

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💬 Do you use Warp? Don't like the closed source nature of it? Let me know below!

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