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Top 9 Features in the Newly Released Zorin OS 16 Linux Distribution

Zorin OS 16 is a gorgeous Linux distribution. With the latest release, there are several helpful feature additions to the distribution.

While we have highlighted the key updates in our release coverage, I shall focus on some of the best features you can find in Zorin OS 16.

1. Jelly Mode

Jelly Mode adds an engaging animation when you minimize or move the window on your screen.

It is more like a wobble effect when you move the windows and a fluid effect when you minimize or launch an app.

Unlike other animation improvements, this is quite a pleasing effect to enhance the user experience.

2. Windows 11-like Layout

Considering that Windows 11 made a lot of buzz for its launch, it only makes sense for Zorin OS to offers a familiar layout.

After all, it is one of the best Windows-like Linux distributions out there.

The Windows 11-like layout is only available in the Zorin Appearance settings for Pro users. So, get the Pro edition if you want to support the development and get access to some extra layouts.

3. Touchpad Gestures

If you want to get a seamless touch experience with your laptop/touchpad, Zorin OS 16 is here to the rescue.

A simple three-finger pinch would help you navigate to the activity overview and dabble between active windows.

And a four-finger swipe up/down will let you switch between workspaces.

4. Windows Software Detection

Zorin OS 16 utilizes a database of popular Windows software to detect if you download a .exe file and want to install it.

This is incredibly useful for beginners considering that it also informs the alternative or the correct way to install the software on Linux.

Even if it does not have exact instructions for the Windows software you downloaded, it prompts you to install “Windows App Support” when trying to access the .exe file.

5. New Photos App

The default photos or image viewer is often untouched when a distribution is updated. But, with Zorin OS 16, you get a more straightforward and clean photo management app.

You get essential options like cropping, adding filters, enhancing the image, and screencasting to the devices connected to your network.

6. Flathub Apps

You no longer need to install Flatpak applications from the terminal separately. Flathub is now included with the Software center.

So, you can effortlessly search for Flatpak applications right from the Software app.

7. Taskbar and Dash Customization

With Zorin OS 16, you get a variety of customization options to tweak the appearance of the taskbar, panel, and dock.

Starting from the transparency to its position, behavior, size, and more. These options should let you tweak your user experience.

8. Taskbar Unread Icons and Progress bar

The taskbar is usually static for most of the Linux distributions. Here, you finally get an unread badge counter in the taskbar, and it also supports a new progress bar for tasks like file transfer.

The progress bar is a helpful addition, given that you do not have to open the app repeatedly to watch the progress.

9. New Sound Recorder App

You do not have to opt for a third-party application to record basic voice-overs, podcasts, or voice notes.

The built-in sound record app offers a clean and easy-to-use interface. So, it should be a breeze to use it.

Wrapping Up

Have you tried Zorin OS 16 yet? What feature did you find the most useful? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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