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Alpine Linux Shows Signs of RISC-V Architecture Support

RISC-V support to Apline Linux is coming around starting with this release.

Alpine Linux is a popular choice among users who prefer a lightweight Linux distro experience. Interesting bit: What started off as a fork of the LEAF Project now focuses on two key things: Security, and Reliability.

Over the years, Alpine Linux has been receiving regular updates with varying degrees of fixes and improvements. One such update is the recently introduced Alpine Linux 3.2.0 release, which has some important changes to offer.

Let's take a brief look at it.

🆕 Alpine Linux 3.2.0: What's New?

a cropped screenshot of the alpine linux website

Powered by Linux kernel 6.6, Alpine Linux 3.2.0 is a stable release with the following key highlights:

  • Initial RISC-V Support
  • Desktop Environment Upgrades
  • Refined Packages

Initial RISC-V Support

For the first time with this release, we now have initial support for the RISC-V platform on Alpine Linux.

Details on this are scarce, but the developers have mentioned in the release blog that there is now support for 64-bit RISC-V implementations.

It's great to see another popular Linux distro adding support for this! 😀

Desktop Environment Upgrades

a screenshot of gnome 46
A screenshot of GNOME 46 for reference

On the desktop environment side of things, Alpine Linux comes equipped with the recent GNOME 46 release. You can take advantage of things like better notifications, fractional scaling support, a reorganized settings app, updated core apps, and more.

GNOME 46 Released: See What’s New!
GNOME 46 is a subtle but useful upgrade.
a screenshot of kde plasma 6
A screenshot of KDE Plasma 6 for reference

If you are not interested in that, then there's the inclusion of KDE Plasma 6, which brings about improvements like HDR support, an improved Discover app, a new wallpaper, Wayland by default, etc.

KDE Plasma 6: The Big Release is Here!
KDE Plasma 6, the much-awaited upgrade, is here. Let’s take a look at it.

Refined Packages

And, to wrap this up, we have many up-to-date packages. Some notable ones include:

  • Go 1.22
  • Rust 1.78
  • LLVM 18
  • .NET 8.0
  • Crystal 1.12
  • Python 3.12
  • Node.js 20.10 (LTS)

For more details on Alpine Linux 3.2.0, you can refer to the release blog.

📥Get Alpine Linux 3.2.0

The latest Alpine Linux release is available on the official website, and for existing users, head to the wiki for official upgrade instructions.

💬 Did this release got you interested? Will you be getting it?

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