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Ardour 8.2 Release Adds A Nifty New Feature for Digital Music Creators

Ardour's latest update packs in some useful feature additions and much-needed fixes.

Ardour is a pretty popular open-source choice among Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) users, it has plenty of tools that allow audio professionals to do a range of tasks related to audio.

As a continuation to the Ardour 8.x series, the developers have unveiled a new release, Ardour 8.2. So, let's dive into this release and see what's on offer.

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🆕 Ardour 8.2: What's New?

a screenshot of ardour

The developers say that there is “nothing incredibly dramatic” with the update, it is meant to complete pending work for supporting new Novation devices, a couple of bug fixes and a few improvements.

The key highlights include:

  • Dedicated No-strobe Option
  • Support for Novation Devices
  • Note Tupling Feature

Dedicated No-strobe Option

Introduced as a new user preference setting, this will disable all flashing and blinking elements found on Ardour's graphical user interface (GUI). This should be of huge help for those who are sensitive to such visual stimulation.

So, things like the clocks, buttons, and meters will stop running, blinking or moving.

Support for Novation Devices

an illustration showing three novation devices

The Ardour 8.2 release also sees the completion of support for all current-gen (MK3) Novation Launchpad series of devices. This includes the Launchpad X, Mini and Pro.

The devs followed the user manual for the Launchpad X to implement support, and also made Launchpad Mini behave similar, using a similar layout, without the extra buttons found on the X model.

Note Tupling Feature

Taking inspiration from the recently launched Ableton Live 12, the developers of Ardour have introduced a new note tupling feature that lets you split and join notes together for a more advanced MIDI editing experience.

🛠️ Other Changes

As for the rest, here are some other notable changes:

  • Added support for Solid State Logic UF8.
  • Ability to clear LV2 plugin scan information.
  • A new mute button was added to the recorder view.
  • Improvements to the marker list display to be more efficient and orderly.
  • New Lua scripts for reversing MIDI notes/regions, and sequencing mixer-scenes using markers.

You may also go through the official release notes to know more.

📥 Download Ardour 8.2

The new release is live for Linux, Windows, and macOS. Grab the package of your choice from the official website.

You can also check out its GitHub repo for the source code.

💬 What do you think of the nifty new feature additions? Let us know below!

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