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Clear Linux is the First Distro to Offer GNOME 42

Clear Linux is an open-source rolling-release distribution tailored for developers working with the Cloud and Edge.

If you did not know, Clear Linux is a project by Intel to offer a fast-performing environment to work with containers while optimized for Intel processors.

It is also available for servers (AWS, Google Compute Engine, Azure Hyper-V, etc.) and desktops.

Note: Clear Linux is not a perfect desktop replacement for upcoming distros like Fedora 36 Workstation or Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. If you are intrigued by the distro, I recommend first trying it as a virtual machine.

In a surprising move, it looks like the latest release of Clear Linux (Build: 36060) includes GNOME 42 (stable).

Not to mention, Clear Linux pushed the update faster than Arch and Fedora to feature the latest stable GNOME release.

GNOME 42 on Clear Linux

You should expect the best GNOME 42 features with Clear Linux desktop.

As per my brief usage, most of it is what you would expect with GNOME 42.

The file manager, calendar, photos, weather, and a couple of other applications reflect the latest GNOME 42 version ported to GTK 4.

Of course, the default wallpaper in Clear Linux is different out-of-the-box, but you get access to the same collection along with light/dark variants of each.

I tested it with a virtual machine setup, where it appears to work as expected with no noticeable bugs.

If you already use Clear Linux or are curious to learn more, you can check out its release notes to find the exact details of packages updated and other changes.

Download Clear Linux with GNOME 42

You may not be able to find the latest release from its official download page. However, it is available on their official download repo.

As per your requirements (Server/Desktop), you can grab the ISO file and get started!

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