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CloudLinux Launches 'TuxCare' to Provide Linux Enterprise Support

Recently, CloudLinux announced commercial support for its CentOS replacement offering. Now, they have unveiled something more exciting.

A new brand ‘TuxCare‘ that aims to provide a range of Linux support services. This should enable various companies to easily opt for Linux enterprise support while harnessing the expertise of CloudLinux team over the years.

Let me briefly highlight what TuxCare is all about.

TuxCare: Affordable Enterprise Support for Linux

TuxCare is a vendor-neutral enterprise support system is definitely a good step to improve the commercial Linux ecosystem.

It provides live patching services, end-of-life Linux support services, and other Linux support services in general.

The press release mentions:

TuxCare’s Live Patching Services, formerly KernelCare, offers live patching for critical components in the Linux stack from the kernel all the way to widely-used shared libraries like glibc and openssl. This eliminates the need for lengthy and costly service disruptions while servers or services are restarted to install the latest security patches, and no longer requires a disruptive maintenance window.

The services offered should enable easy access to complete support or protection for Linux-powered operations to any enterprise.

The president of CloudLinux also mentioned more about the new brand:

Building out a larger brand to house our rapidly-expanding set of services makes it easier for our customers and prospects to see everything we provide in one place,” said Jim Jackson, president and chief revenue officer of CloudLinux. “Under the new TuxCare umbrella customers can review and select everything they need from our cohesive collection of services to take care of their Linux infrastructure.

Especially, the support for end-of-life Linux. Even though it is not recommended, you still have the option to help from CloudLinux’s TuxCare services to keep your old Linux enterprise system for longer.

No matter whether you are building a new Linux system or want support for an existing one, the announcement mentions that it will completely integrate with existing management/monitoring systems like Nessus or Qualys.

So it should not add any overheads, but reduce maintenance cost and let you get away from costly vendor-specific enterprise support options.

Live patching services, extended lifecycle support, and Linux support pricing plans seem to be affordable. The minimum subscription option starts at as low as $2 per month.

More support services will be added in the future that includes database and virtualization stack live patching.

Wrapping Up

Vendor-neutral enterprise support is a game-changer when it comes to giving freedom to enterprises in choosing the Linux distribution of their choice.

Not just the affordability, but the ease of opting for an enterprise support will encourage more businesses to opt for it while providing stability and security of their Linux systems.

I think this is a nice offering bringing together multiple enterprise support options under a single roof. What do you think?

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