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Dash to Dock is Finally Available for GNOME 40

Dash to Dock is one of the most useful GNOME extensions for years now. With the introduction of GNOME 40, many failed to make the extension work with it.

Of course, being a popular option, the support for GNOME 40 was expected to be added soon enough. And, finally, it is here!

If you did not know, GNOME 40 includes a horizontal workspace view, which affected the workflow for some, but Ubuntu did not move the dock even with GNOME 40.

So, you can still use Dash to Dock to get a horizontal dock from the overview area.

Dash to Dock v70 Drops Support for Older GNOME Shells

With Dash to Dock v70, you get the necessary support for GNOME 40 and accurately GNOME shell 3.34.

However, the technical changes made to the extension to support GNOME 40 also meant that the new version could no longer work with older versions.

If you are not running GNOME 40, you can still use the older v69, which should work well. And, except GNOME 40 support addition, there’s nothing different feature-wise.

It will be interesting to see future releases for the extension from now on. Will they consider adding two different packages with new features for various Gnome shells? Let us wait for that.

Here’s How To Install Dash to Dock

You can install the extension right from the GNOME extension website with a simple toggle. In case you are new to this, I recommend going through our guide on installing GNOME extensions to get started.

It is worth noting that you need to use a compatible web browser to install the extension. While it should work with most browsers (Chromium-based browsers should work), Firefox’s snap-packaged browser in Ubuntu 21.10 may not work, as reported initially by OMG!Ubuntu.

Have you tried the extension yet? Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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