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Good News! De-Googled /e/OS Smartphones is Now Shipping to the US and Canada

The de-googled Android fork /e/OS is a passionate step towards removing Google from your daily driver (i.e. your smartphone).

Considering they’re also working on a privacy-friendly Siri alternative, /e/OS is particularly an exciting pitch for the future smartphones without relying on Google.

While /e/ smartphones have been around for a while, it still is not tailored for everyone depending on various requirements for daily activities that you do on a smartphone. I’d suggest doing your research before making a purchase.

However, there’s good news that /e/ smartphones will now also be shipping to the USA and Canada.

Not just limited to that, you will also find a couple of new devices added to the arsenal of /e/OS. Let me highlight a few more details mentioned in their press release.

/e/ Smartphones Now Ship to the US and Canada, New Devices, & Updates

In addition to the announcement of shipping to the USA and Canada, they have also mentioned the availability of two premium refurbished smartphone models that include Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ with /e/OS on board.

Do note that the stock is limited and if you’re planning to get your hands on one, now is the time.

Also, the Asus Zenfone 6 & Razer Phone have been added as two new smartphones that comes loaded with /e/OS if you want.

The LeEco Le Max2 and LG G2, G3 & G5 are some of the latest smartphones from their offerings to get an Android upgrade in /e/OS. That’s definitely something assuring for existing customers.

Not exactly relevant to the news here, but they also mention that the mail app (K-9) that they utilize on /e/OS is looking to get funding. You might want to check out their official announcement on this if interesting.

In either case, now that /e/ smartphones are finally available to ship to the USA and Canada, you can explore the available devices that they offer and get it from their online store.

Are you willing to get your hands on an /e/OS-powered smartphone without Google in it? Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments down below.

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