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Focusrite Extends Help to Linux Developer to Enable Driver Support

Focusrite's wonderful gesture towards supporting Linux.

Even though Linux as a desktop platform is evolving fast, it is still a choice for few music producers compared to Windows and macOS. A major reason being the lack of official support from several DAWs and hardware manufacturers.

Fortunately, all of that is changing, with big names getting involved with Linux. Curious? Well, recently, PreSonus announced Linux support for its Studio One DAW.

And, now, Focusrite, one of the direct competitors of PreSonus has joined in 🤩They also manufacture audio interfaces and other professional audio equipment.

If you are a music producer or an enthusiast, you should know that these names often go as synonymous with each other. While I currently use PreSonus over Focusrite, both the companies and their products are a big deal for the mass market.

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Focusrite's Pledge to Linux Support

Geoffrey Bennett is a user on the LinuxMusicians forums, known for his work to bring Linux support to popular Focusrite audio interfaces (Scarlett 2nd and 3rd gen).

Of course, it is a massive undertaking, unofficially.

To take that up a notch, he recently launched a fundraiser to get the latest audio interface by Focusrite, i.e., Scarlett 4th gen.

Along with that, he had goals to work on podcast equipment by Focusrite.

gofundme fundraiser for focusrite driver development

While the fundraiser was a success, it also got attention from Focusrite, and they contributed a significant amount to help him get the latest audio interface.

Focusrite also offered to send him any devices he does not have and future products before release.

To add cherry on top, they mentioned how their engineering team can help him improve the development work.

While I had previously struggled to connect with the engineers or management at Focusrite, news of the overwhelming response to this fundraiser reached the top tiers there. Given the niche nature of Linux audio, I had kept my expectations in check, but this was beyond what I had imagined.

I just got off a call with them where, beyond providing the hardware, they were inquiring about other ways they could support the development.

Focusrite not only offered to send me any devices I didn't have in my collection but also proposed that for any future product releases, they will do their utmost to send me devices in advance. This means that Linux support could be ready right from the product launch!

Furthermore, they are discussing how their engineering team could better help me to streamline the development process, and eliminate much of the guesswork.

- Geoffrey via LinuxMusicians

So, Focusrite wants to ensure that the Linux community gets to use their products with an improved experience. In other words, indirectly providing official support to the Linux platform.

And, this is big news!

These two big audio manufacturers should persuade other software and hardware companies as well. Whether it is in the form of official support for drivers, troubleshooting support for their customers, anything works.

Any kind of attention to the Linux platform will help improve the Linux audio ecosystem.

Audio professionals do not have to get locked in the proprietary platforms or pay for a license to get an operating system if more audio companies add Linux support.

💬 I would be hopeful for that future! What do you think?

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