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Geary 44 Email App for Linux Adds Two Nifty Enhancements

Geary 44 sounds like an interesting release with useful changes.

Geary is one of the best email clients for Linux that has been receiving some pretty decent updates over the years.

It's an email application under the GNOME project that has been tailored for the GNOME desktop (not limited to), with support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols that allow it to integrate neatly with most webmail services.

A few days back, a new version released with key improvements. Let's take a quick look at those.

🆕 Geary 44: What's New?

a screenshot of geary 44's about page

Geary 44 is a relatively minor release with two significant additions. First is the reworked headerbar, and second is the redesigned conversation list.

A new 'select' button has been added to the header bar near the search button, and the position of the message view toolbar icons has been changed.

a screenshot of the inbox view on geary 44

When we last looked at Geary, it had a different conversation list layout. But now, the redesigned conversation list just makes the mail reading experience so much better.

You know, this makes me wonder how this release of Geary will fare against the upcoming redesign of Thunderbird. You may have to make some choices, eh? 🤩

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🛠️ Other Changes and Improvements

Other than those mentioned above, here are some changes worth noting:

  • A fix for network detection issues.
  • Various user interface translation improvements.
  • A suspend engine is used when the system is suspended.
  • Multiple bug fixes and user interface tweaks.

You can go through the release notes to learn more about this release.

📥 Get Geary 44

You can either build Geary from its source code available on GitLab or get it from the Flathub store.

💬 Let us know if you will be trying out this release of Geary!

Via: omg! linux!

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