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This Open-Source Android App Helps Me Save More Money!

Want to have the habit to save money? This FOSS Android app can help you with that!

Everyone will agree that things happen better when it is planned. I'm not saying anything against the joy of spontaneity but it is what is.

You may or may not agree about other things in life, but finance? Yes, if you do not have a plan, it gets tough to manage.

And, that is the reason I was looking for an app that would help me save more money, and achieve some of my saving goals, and that is when I ended up with GreenStash.

GreenStash: Reminding You to Save Money

greenstash app screenshots

GreenStash is a free and open-source Android app that encourages you to save money by planning ahead.

You make a savings goal, and then follow along to achieve that. Pretty simple, right?

Don't confuse it with a finance management app. I am sure there are many FOSS apps on Android for that, but GreenStash is focused on savings rather than tracking your expenses.

You can leave a comment on this article to suggest FOSS finance apps for Android 😉

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Now, moving on to GreenStash.

The app features Google's Material You UI, and is incredibly easy to use. From the time you launch the app, to finalizing a saving goal, truly a straightforward user experience.

First, you need to select your preferred currency, and then get started.

As you can notice in the screenshots above, you get to set an icon, add a background, add notes, a deadline, and the priority to your saving goal.

Once your goal is set, you will get reminders/notifications as per your priority:

  • High: Daily
  • Normal: Semi-weekly
  • Low: Weekly

And, you can add deposits/withdraws to your goal, tweak the goal style, add a custom image to the goal, and keep them updated:

greenstash savings card

Looks quite neat, isn't it?

You can track when you added a deposit, add a note to it, withdraw from the savings, edit it, or delete the goal. Of course, you can get a transaction history of deposits/withdrawals for every goal card.

If you are worried about losing progress, you can choose to export a backup and store it locally on your device or send the backup file to a cloud service manually.

greenstash app backup

In addition, you can also enable biometrics to keep your data private.

Overall, the app does help you enhance your savings goal for a particular purpose or just to adopt a new habit.

I believe simple utilities are always effective in one way or the other. And, GreenStash is a good app to keep.

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Download and Install GreenStash

GreenStash is available on the Google Play Store, F-Droid, and GitHub.

The Google Play Store version needs to be purchased for a nomimal fee of 0.36 USD. And, you can purchase it to support its development.

💭 What do you think about GreenStash? Do you find some other app better than this? Any similar open-source app suggestions? Feel free to let me know!

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