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Linux Mint 21.2 Edge ISO Empowers Newer Hardware with Kernel 6.2!

Linux Mint 21.2 Edge ISO is here!

The folks behind Linux Mint have been on a roll, pushing out major releases such as the Linux Mint 21.2 release, and LMDE 6.

And the flurry of releases doesn't seem to be stopping, as we now have another release from them in the form of 'Linux Mint 21.2 Edge'.

Allow me to tell you more about it.

Linux Mint 21.2 Edge: What to Expect?

a screenshot of the neofetch output on linux mint 21.2 edge

Powered by Linux kernel 6.2 release, Linux Mint 21.2 Edge is tailored for users who want to run newer hardware not acting nice with Linux kernel 5.15 LTS, which is what the regular 21.2 release of Linux Mint features.

Definitely a good Linux distro option for Intel Arc graphics users now!

If you are curious about the "Edge" ISO, here's what the documentation says:

In addition to its regular ISO images, Linux Mint sometimes provides an “edge” ISO image for its latest release. This image ships with newer components to be able to support the most modern hardware chipsets and devices.

Additionally, this ISO also brings back support for secure boot. This should come in as a useful add-on for those who want it.

Not to forget, the Linux Mint 21.2 Edge release is solely being offered in the 'Cinnamon' desktop flavor, without any XFCE or MATE flavors.

Though, you won't find any differences when using the Edge variant compared to the regular one, apart from the newer hardware support.

Want to give it a try?

Head over to the official website to grab the ISO from one of the many available download mirrors.

Do note that this release is only available as a 64-bit release, with no 32-bit options.

💬 Will you be trying out the edge ISO? Let us know below!

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