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Linux Mint 21.2 Release Improves The Visual Redesign Further

Linux Mint 21.2 is an impressive upgrade!

Linux Mint 21.1 was packed with visual overhauls to the theme, folder icons, and the overall look and feel of the system.

Now, Linux Mint 21.2 has enhancements on top of the same Ubuntu 22.04 base and Linux Kernel 5.15.

Linux Mint 21.2: What's New? 😀

linux mint 21.2 homescreen

With Linux Mint 21.2, some of those changes have been refined along with new GUI overhauls and additions across the board.

Let me mention the key highlights of the release:

  • Cinnamon 5.8, Xfce 4.18, and others
  • GUI overhaul for the Software Manager
  • Folder icons and color selection
  • New "Styles" to easily tweak appearance
  • Improved login screen
Linux Mint 21.2 will receive updates until 2027.

Desktop Environment Upgrades

The star of the upgrade is Cinnamon 5.8, the flagship edition of Linux Mint.

linux mint 21.1 about

While it includes many improvements, some worth mentioning include gesture support for window management, workspace management, tiling, and media controls. You can find these working on touchpads, tablets, and touchscreens through a new "Gestures" option in the system settings.

linux mint gestures

The notifications and tooltips have also been improved to use the accent color set and look bigger/clearer.

linux mint 21.2 notification

In addition to the Cinnamon enhancements, you can find Xfce 4.18 with all the goodies. We have a dedicated article on Xfce 4.18 changes if you want to explore more.

And the other variant, with MATE 1.26 desktop, may not be as exciting as other editions, but you still get the fresh mint update.

Software Manager Visual Overhaul

The software manager for Linux Mint has always been simple.

This time, the layout has been adjusted for easy access to options and to provide a cleaner user experience. Starting with the search bar moved to the left side of the window.

linux mint 21.2 software manager

The categories on the main page have been shifted down, and more information is available (for instance, the applications via Flathub).

It is also easier to select between the system package and Flatpak for an app next to the installation option. The option existed nearby the details section previously.

Here's a glimpse of what it looked like with Linux Mint 21.1:

Folder Coloring Gets Better

With Linux Mint 21.1, you can also change the accent color of the folder stripes, which looks like this:

linux mint 21.1 folders

Now, you are no longer limited to solid colors. You can choose from gradients and solid colors for folders and apply them entirely on the folder icon.

linux mint 21.2 folder colors

Not to forget, the stripes on the folder icons were dropped. So, it looks much cleaner, in my opinion.

Styles to Tweak Theme

With Cinnamon 5.8, a new setting, "Styles," was introduced to make it seamless for you to tweak the look and feel of the system.

linux mint styles

Not to forget, you get more color variants to choose from and an intuitive menu to choose the style.

While this aims to simplify appearance tweaks, you can still head to "Advanced Settings" to access and configure icons and other themes separately.

Improved Slick Greeter

The login screen experience gets better with multiple keyboard layout support.

linux mint slick greeter

You can find more options from the keyboard icon on the login screen. The slick-greeter now supports Wayland sessions and should be better at touchpad detection.

Not to forget, the keyboard navigation has been worked on to let you easily type/edit/view the password in the login area.

⭐ Other Important Changes

Several other subtle changes make the Linux Mint experience "mintier". Some of those include:

  • Removing monochrome icons and dark theme icons to replace them with symbolic icons for uniform contrast
  • Re-aligned title bar buttons
  • Security hardening work for Warpinator
  • Mint-Y-Legacy was renamed Mint-L
  • Full support for HEIF and AVIF image files.
  • Updated applications like Blueman and Pix

Explore more technical details on its official announcement blog post

Download Linux Mint 21.2 📥

Linux Mint 21.2 ISOs can be found on its official website.

Upgrade to Linux Mint 21.2 from 21.1 ⏫

If you are already using Linux Mint 21.1, you can upgrade to 21.2 easily.

First, check your Linux Mint version and ensure that it is 21.1.

lsb_release -a

Before starting the upgrade, you must ensure your system has installed all the available package updates. For this, run:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
Update the system
Make sure, you have a proper backup of your system, so that you can restore it in the rare case of any update failures.

Once updates are completed, open the Update Manager application from the system menu.

Open the Update Manager from System Menu

On the update manager, click on Edit menu. Here, you can find the “Upgrade to Mint 21.2” option on the dropdown menu.

Select Upgrade to Linux Mint 21.2 from the Edit option in Update Manager
Select Upgrade to Linux Mint 21.2

This will open the update window and display you tabs like Introduction to update, release notes etc.

You should take care of the “Requirements” tab, as this tab needs you to accept a Risk notification. This is the usual notification. Select the “I Understand” checkbox and press Apply.

Linux Mint notifies the user about the possible risk in the update process. Accept it by toggling th checkbox and click on Apply button
Accept the Risk Notification

Also provide the password when asked. This will start the update process. Initially, package information will be downloaded.

Update Manager downloading the Package information
Download Package Information

After that, it will start downloading the required packages. This might take several minutes, depending on your internet connection.

Update Manager downloading the required packages
Downloading Packages

Once the package downloading is finished, it will start installing those.

Update Manager installs the necessary packages
Installing Packages

It may download several additional packages too.

Update Manager will download more packages to update as necessary
More Package Downloads

Next step is the installation and removal of various packages.

Update Manager installs and removes packages
Installation of Packages

Upgrade will be completed after this step, and the system will recommend you to reboot the system.

Update Manager notifies when the upgrade is completed. It also recommends a reboot for changes to take effect
Upgrade Completed

Re-enable any repositories

Sometimes, during upgrade, some external PPA's will be disabled during the upgrade process. In that case, you need to re-enable them, after update. Open system settings and go to "Software Sources" section.

Open Software Sources from System Settings
Open Software Sources

From there, click enable any disabled sources.

Manage third party repositories as required
Manage third part repositories

Now, after enabling the sources, immediately update your system using:

sudo apt update

That's it. You have successfully upgraded to the latest version of Linux Mint.

Enjoy it :)

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