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Linux Release Roundup #20.50: Debian 10.7, Manjaro 20.2, RedNotebook 2.21 and More New Releases

In the Linux Release Roundup series, we summarize the new application and distribution versions release in the last few days. This keeps you informed with the latest developments in the Linux world.

Linux Release Roundups

Debian 10.7 Released

The universal Linux distribution, Debian sees the new point release of Debian 10.7 Buster. It includes critical security fixes and miscellaneous bug fixes.

If you are already running Debian 10.6, just update your system to get Debian 10.7.

OpenRGB 0.5 Released

An open-source tool with cross-vendor support to let Linux users control RGB lighting of their peripherals or hardware components. With the latest 0.5 release, they have added support for EVGA graphics card, HyperX RGB RAMs, Corsair RGB RAMs, and a few more improvements.

You can read more about it in their official changelog.

Manjaro Linux 20.2 Released

Manjaro’s latest update for its rolling-release distribution includes major overhaul for their GNOME edition with GNOME 3.38 and performance improvements.

You can learn more about Manjaro 20.2 ‘Nibia’ through the official announcement post.

Raspberry Pi OS 2020-12-02 Released

A new release for Raspberru Pi OS includes an update chrome browser, a GUI program to manage printers, and the PulseAudio tool.

There are some other subtle improvements as well, you can read the announcement post to learn more.

RedNotebook 2.21 Released

RedNotebook is a useful desktop journal app. With the latest update, it improves on rendering and preview times with MathJax upgraded to version 3.

You can explore more about what’s new in their changelog.

Nitrux 1.3.5 Released

Nitrux Linux is a gorgeous distribution. With the latest 1.3.5 release, you get support for more portable applications, updated Kernel, new KDE version, and more.

You can find out more about it in the changelog.

NethServer 7.9 Released

A CentOS-based distribution for servers. With the latest update, you can find a refreshed panel with several improvements.

You can follow the official announcement post to know more about it.

BlackArch Linux 2020.12.01 Released

BlackArch is an Arch-based distribution for security researchers. The new version simply updates packages and works on several improvements.

You can learn more about it in their blog.

Bash 5.1 Released

Bash 5.1 is here and it addresses a lot of bug fixes with 5.0. You get some new features along with some useful functionalities making a come back from 4.4 version.

You will find several more changes, simply head to its changelog to find out about it. The Readline library used in Bash has also been updated to 8.1, have a look at the changelog to learn more.

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