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Linux Release Roundup #22.26: KaOS 2022.6, EndeavourOS 22.6, digiKam 7.7 and More Releases

The Linux Release Roundup series summarizes the new distribution and application version releases in the past week. This keeps you informed of the latest developments in the Linux world.

KaOS 2022.6 Released

KOS is an independent Linux distribution focusing on giving you the best KDE and Qt experience.

You can find the latest KDE Plasma 5.25 and more upgrades with the new release. Learn more about it in our coverage.

EndeavourOS 22.6 Released

A fantastic Arch-based distribution featuring a customized Xfce desktop “Artemis” release is here.

This release brings enhanced support for ARM architecture along with several updates. You can learn more about the release in its official blog post.

Manjaro Linux 21.3.0 Released

Manjaro’s latest upgrade includes the final version of Calamares 3.2 and several other improvements/upgrades with the desktop environments.

You can learn all about it in our coverage.

Shotcut 22.06 Released

Shotcut is one of the best video editors for Linux. The latest upgrade brings new features, support for complex masks, and more.

You can check out its official changelog to learn more.

Pitvi 2022.06 Released

Pitvi is yet another open-source video editor. Its latest version brings in object tracking, blurring, and several other essential features.

You can go through its changelog to explore all the technical details.

digiKam 7.7 Released

digiKam is a photo manager app that lets you organize the images you have. With the latest upgrade, it supports JPEG-XL format, and AVID/AOM.

If you had some photos that did not show up, you can give them a try again. Learn more about it in its official announcement post.

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