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Proton Pass Launched for Linux and macOS With a Steal Deal for its Plus Plan

Proton Pass adds an offline mode, a Linux client, and more, making it a solid alternative to password managers like Dashlane.

Proton Pass, the free and open-source password manager by the makers of Proton Mail, was a bit disappointing at launch because it was not available for Linux as a desktop app.

That changes with the announcement of an official Linux, and macOS client 🎉

So, now you can use Proton Pass on the web browser, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux! 🐧

Not just the Linux app, but there are a couple of other additions and improvements to Proton Pass as well. And, we knew about some of them, thanks to our interview with Son Nguyen from Proton (I recommend you to read that later).

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Proton Pass: New Enhancements + New App Support

proton pass linux

For Linux users, Proton Pass is now a full-fledged password management solution.

You can utilize all of its features using the Linux client, including the ability to generate passwords, email aliases, and more.

To make the desktop usage experience better, now you get an offline mode with Argon2 encryption to keep things secure, even when you are not connected to the internet.

If you have a macOS-powered computer, you now have Proton Pass available as a Safari extension. It must be annoying to be restricted by Safari's default password manager or not being able to use the browser, now you don't need to do that!

The announcement also mentions the support of TouchID for macOS and fingerprint authentication support on Linux:

A upcoming update for Linux will integrate the app with the system’s authentication mechanisms and APIs. This will enable users to unlock Proton Pass using their Linux user account, fingerprint sensors, or any other method supported by PAM, enhancing both security and convenience. These features will be provided as an automatic update in the coming weeks.
proton pass linux safari

They also recently launched, Proton Monitor, a service that alerts you of leaks and password weaknesses. Furthermore, you get Proton Sentinel, an AI/Human-powered program by Proton used to analyze and detect account takeover attacks.

Proton Sentinel and dark web monitoring are limited to Plus users.

And, the best part of the news 📢

With the Linux and macOS client launch, Proton is running a new promotion that lets you get Proton Pass Plus for just $10 (for the first year).

Proton Pass - Fast and secure login on any device | Proton
Proton Pass is an open-source, end-to-end encrypted password manager app. Create and store passwords, email aliases, 2FA codes, and notes on all your devices

Get Proton Pass for Linux

Proton Pass is available as a .deb/.rpm package for Linux. You can head to its download page and get it installed. Officially, they mention support for distributions based on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and centOS.

I tried it on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, and it works perfectly fine.

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