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Proton Pass' New Feature Alerts You Of Password Leaks and Weakness

The new Pass Monitor feature lets you keep an eye on your passwords.

Launched last year, Proton Pass is an increasingly popular password manager option tightly integrated with the Proton ecosystem. It was made possible due to the close collaboration with SimpleLogin (a part of Proton since 2022).

Now, over a year has passed, and Proton has introduced an interesting new feature called “Pass Monitor” which is set to make Proton Pass a more powerful tool.

So, let's check it out!

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Pass Monitor: What to Expect?

a poster showing off pass monitor in action on a smartphone

Meant as a way to alert you of any shortcomings in any of your online accounts, or even when your data is exposed in a data breach. Pass Monitor offers four dedicated features that are supposed to help you secure your emails, usernames, and passwords across the web.

The first one is Dark Web Monitoring, where Pass Monitor will search illegal data marketplaces across the dark web with the help of Proton's data sets and those provided by Have I Been Pwned and Constella Intelligence.

It checks if any Proton email addresses or hide-my-email aliases associated with your account are being distributed illegally on the dark web. It can also conduct searches for 10 additional custom, non-Proton email addresses.

The second is called Password Health, which will scan your account for any weak or reused passwords and notify you if there are any that need to be updated. Any password checks done with this feature are done locally on the device, ensuring end-to-end encryption.

The third one, Inactive 2FA, will run a scan on any added accounts and suggest you to enable two-factor authentication on accounts that don't have it enabled.

And, finally, we have Proton Sentinel, which is an AI/Human-powered program by Proton that is used to analyze and detect any kind of Proton account takeover attack.

But there's a catch. Only Password Health and Inactive 2FA checks are available for free; for access to the other two features, Dark Web Monitoring and Proton Sentinel, you will have to opt for a paid Pass Plus plan.

That being said, you can learn more about this new addition to Proton Pass on the announcement blog.

📥 Get Pass Monitor

You can get access to Pass Monitor by signing up for Proton Pass on the official website, where you will also find downloads for Linux, Android, Windows, and macOS.

💬 Will you be trying out this Proton Pass feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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