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Ditch Google's Messaging App with This Open-Source Android SMS App

A replacement to Google messaging app? Works for me!

Just like third-party keyboard applications, many of the interesting SMS apps died. If you were a user like me during the golden time of Android applications (with several options) on the Play Store, I feel you.

That being said, Android isn't iOS (for the greater good 😉). So, you are not locked down to certain options. You will always have an alternative, and you can choose to use them if you like.

And, that is precisely the case with SMS applications. Quik SMS is a free and open-source app that can work as a replacement for Android's stock messaging app, i.e., Google Messaging (for most users).

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Quik SMS: What Do You Want to Know?

quik sms

Unlike any other application, an SMS app is self-explanatory. You can send/receive SMS texts over your network with this app as your default.

It is a fork of the popular QKSMS app, which is no longer maintained.

When you first install and launch it, you will be asked to set it as the default SMS app. And, when you do it, the app will get access to your SMS data.

Unfortunately, you do not get RCS chat support with this SMS app. So, you if you are using RCS, a third-party SMS app is a no-go. For some this can be a dealbreaker considering iMessages will partially support RCS at one point for cross-device messages.

But, if that is not relevant to you, the Quik SMS app is a nice experience with all the essential options.

quik sms settings

You get more control over what you can tweak, and also setup backups (and conveniently restore them).

The option to delete old messages automatically should be helpful with all the SMS spam nowadays. Moreover, scheduling messages, changing the theme, and other granular controls are all useful additions.

Download and Install Quik SMS

Quik SMS is available to install on F-Droid. If you are hearing it for the first time, F-Droid is the de-facto platform for free and open-source Android apps, the store verifies the source code of the applications before listing them.

The app is not available on the Play Store. Maybe if more users start using it, the developers will put it up on Play Store like the now defunct QKSMS.

💬 What do you think about Quik SMS? Have any other FOSS Android app suggestions? Let me know!

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