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Roblox on Linux Returns With Wine Support: Rejoice, Gamers! ⚡

Everyone can play Roblox again!

Roblox is making a comeback to Linux!

Just a few months prior, we reported that Roblox's new anti-cheat software, 'Hyperion' was all set to block Wine usage by default, a bummer indeed.

However, that is all set to change in light of recent developments. Allow me to take you through the situation.

What's Happening: You see, back in May, Roblox introduced a new anti-cheat software that blocked Wine usage by default, and the change was not a mistake but intentional.

Back then, even a Roblox staff member shut out any chances of Linux being supported natively or being able to run Roblox with workarounds on their forums.

But, as it turns out, that was not the end.

A few days back, one of Roblox's staff members replied to a post on their forum saying:

Shoutout to the Grapejuice community - this one is for you.

With the following screenshot attached, which shows Roblox running on Manjaro Linux.

a screenshot of roblox running on manjaro linux
Source: Roblox Staff Member / Forums

If you did not know, Grapejuice is a management application that allows you to configure Wine and Roblox to run correctly on Linux.

And that there is proof that Roblox can run on Linux again, despite the new anti-cheat software. Sounds good to me!

When to Expect: As things stand now, the integration is still undergoing work, and the same staff member has mentioned that:

There will be an official announcement regarding unofficial support for Wine. As for an ETA, let’s just say soon™.

Yes, Roblox players on Linux will have to wait it out a bit more.

However, the players should be happy now, considering that at least unofficial support for Roblox on Linux is coming soon.

Roblox forums

You can check out the discussion here for more details on this implementation. (requires login).

Via: GamingOnLinux

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