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SuperTuxKart 1.3 Release: Open Source Game for Linux Adds Switch Support

One of the most popular open-source games, SuperTuxKart, has finally received a significant update after a gap of almost a year. It is a free and cross-platform 3D kart-racing game available for Linux, macOS, Windows, and Android.

Just like Mario Kart, you can choose from a vast catalog of characters (based on mascots of open-source projects) racing in unique karts using special items to win races in various arenas. The game also features various racing modes, including a story Mode and an online Mode, to keep you engaged.

Let us see what’s new with the latest release.

Nintendo Switch Port

SuperTuxKart being played on the Switch

SuperTuxKart is now (unofficially) playable on the Switch. This has been possible due to the SDL2 implementation that was already used in the previous 1.2 release. To play the game, you will need to have Homebrew installed on your console.

Moreover, the game also supports force feedback for the Joy-Cons and other controllers. This will undoubtedly make the game more lively whenever there are effects on-screen.

New Arenas

Two new arenas — Ancient Colosseum Labyrinth and Alien Signal — have been introduced.

The Ancient Colosseum Labyrinth

The Ancient Colosseum Labyrinth is based on the Roman Colosseum with a dark setting and a secret tunnel. On the other hand, the Alien Signal is another arena inspired by a SETI-styled location with strange markings on the ground.

The Las Dunas Soccer Stadium has also been updated and now houses a symmetrical soccer field.

Lastly, lap line extensions have been added to various tracks. This means the lap will be counted even if you drive slightly off the main road.

GUI Improvements

A major feature that will improve the gameplay experience is the introduction of render resolution. Using the slider, you can sacrifice the resolution for better frame rates on low-end systems.

The high score selection screen now has its independent menu and displays the best times for normal races, egg hunts, and time trials.

You can also open links in the game. Specifically, the links in a text/instruction that pops up in the game. This is possible, thanks to the SDL2 SDL_OpenURL.

Blender 2.8 was officially used by artists to create tracks, maps, and more.

Redesigned Karts


Your favorite characters like GNU, Adiumy and Emule have undergone visual changes. Sara the Racer is now replaced by Pepper, the mascot of Pepper&Carrot.

You can refer to the official release notes for detailed information about the update.

Wrapping Up

Overall, SuperTuxKart 1.3 has brought in exciting changes and fixes. Nintendo Switch users will now have something fresh to try out and play!

What do you think about this release? Will you be willing to try it out on your Switch? Do share your thoughts below.

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