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Here's Why Switching to Linux Makes Sense in 2021

Linux does have several benefits over Windows and macOS in certain areas. People are realizing it, and it is slowly gaining popularity in the desktop OS market.

Of course, the majority of desktop users still swear by Windows or macOS, but a greater number of users are trying out new Linux distributions to see if they can switch to Linux.

They may have heard good things about Linux as a desktop choice, or just want to try something different while confined to their homes. Who knows?

Here, I will be presenting you all the good reasons why Linux makes more sense in 2021.

Linux is Great, But What Makes it Relevant in 2021?

If you already know the advantages of using Linux, you may have an idea what follows next.

1. You Do Not Need to Purchase a License

License contract

You do have to pay to get a Windows 10 license.

While there are cheaper options available, such as getting an OEM key. But, if you want to avoid visiting shady websites and get a license from the official website instead, it will cost you at least $140 for the Home edition that authorizes just 1 PC.

Of course, macOS is an entirely different story (you need to purchase premium hardware to access macOS) — so we will stick to Microsoft’s Windows here.

The point is – amid the pandemic with several people jobless, setting up a new computer is a challenge. Moreover, you need to spend money for an operating system’s license while you can use Linux for free on multiple computers.

Yes, you do not need to get a license key for Linux. You can easily download a Linux distribution and install it on as many devices as you want.

Fret not, if you did not know about Linux distros, you can take a look at our list of the best Linux distributions.

2. Revive Your Existing PC and Save Money

The global chip shortage situation has significantly affected the price of PC components, especially the graphics card. Not just any hike, but you will have to pay 2-5x times of the retail price to get a graphics card for your computer.

Of course, if you do not have a PC, it is incredibly challenging to build one now, but what if you have an old system that cannot run Windows without crashing or stuttering?

Also, Microsoft seems to be making hardware obsolete by not supporting Windows 11 on a wide range of systems.

If you do not want a Windows-powered system, what about macOS? Well, the entry-level Mac system will cost you upwards of $1100 or more depending on where you live. It is an expensive endeavor for many.

You surely need an upgrade – but what if I say that Linux can revive your old system and save you money as well?

You will be able to run Linux on the very same system that you think is incapable of running the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows. Yes, that is correct.

Linux is resource-efficient and can run on a variety of older system configurations.

All you need to do is simply refer to our list of lightweight Linux distributions and pick one that you like.

3. Reduces e-waste by Reviving Systems


Considering that e-waste is being constantly generated all over the globe, especially by the miners, we can try not to follow the suit? Unless you really need new hardware, it is best to reuse and repurpose existing hardware for new tasks.

And, thanks to Linux, you can turn your old PC or a single board computer to a media server or your personal Nextcloud server.

You can do so much more with Linux on your existing hardware.

So, this will drop the need for new hardware significantly and let you efficiently reuse your existing system.

4. Stay Safe from Viruses and Malware

system malware

In a time where remote work is a thing everywhere, there has been a significant rise in viruses and malware. So, even if you wanted to work peacefully, you might end up getting affected by a malware.

Both Windows and macOS are susceptible to malware more than ever. But, for Linux? It is highly unlikely.

Linux distributions are regularly patched to ensure the best security.

Also, just because the userbase is small, the attackers do not spend much time crafting ways to fool Linux users. So, less chances of you to meet some form of malware while using Linux.

5. No Forced Updates

system update

In a time where everyone is stressed out, getting a forced update and finding your computer to not boot can be a major annoyance.

At least, this is the case for Windows users.

But, with Linux, you can keep using your system without any updates forced to download in the background.

Your operating system, your decision.

Only if you want to update your Linux distro, you can – or else, it stays that way and will not bother you unless you haven’t updated in a long time.

Wrapping Up

These are only some of the few reasons that I can think of where Linux as a choice of operating system makes sense in 2021 more than ever.

Of course, depending on your requirements, the benefits may not reflect with your use-case. But, if you did not know about Linux, at least, now you have a choice to make and evaluate your needs.

What else can you think of in addition to the points mentioned above? Please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

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