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Ubuntu 23.04 Daily Builds Now Include the New Installer By Default

Ubuntu 23.04 may finally feature the new installer! See it here!

In February 2021, the Ubuntu development team revealed their plans for a new installer to use Flutter at its core.

We covered the news and eagerly waited for it to arrive in an Ubuntu build:

Oh, Wow! Ubuntu is Working on a Modern New Installer With Built-in Repair Option
Ubuntu development team has revealed that they plan to work on a new, modern installer created using Flutter. You won’t see it in Ubuntu 21.04, though. When introduced more than a decade back, the Ubiquity installer from Ubuntu was an instant hit for its simplicity and modern (at

After almost two years of development, the new installer for Ubuntu seems to be the default included in the latest pending daily builds.

Thanks to Phoronix for spotting it, which piqued my interest to check it out.

Let me take you through the new installer for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Daily Builds are subject to change. So, what you see now may not be available tomorrow.

Here's How the New Installer Looks

ubuntu new installer

When you begin the installation, you are greeted by a 'Kudu' (Ubuntu 22.10's mascot) and the option to select the language. Considering it is a daily build, a Lobster mascot icon should soon appear throughout the platform.

ubuntu new installer install

The option to select what Ubuntu experience you want has received a few tweaks and now looks cleaner.

You can also expect to see a "Repair" option in this selection menu if you already have Ubuntu 23.04 installed on your system. I'm not sure if that is the case, but it was something planned initially.

ubuntu new installer advanced features

When I continued the setup, I noticed that support for OpenZFS had been dropped. Instead, I could only opt for LVM.

They could have provided a different option, such as btrfs, so that users could quickly set their systems up with it instead of doing it later.

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ubuntu new installer timezone selector

Although the timezone selector is mostly the same, a few tweaks are made here and there.

ubuntu new installer user config

The 'Who are you' screen is now more intuitive and contains all the useful options.

ubuntu new installer theme selector

This new addition to the Ubuntu installer lets you select the theme immediately, which is refreshing to see 😌

ubuntu new installer progress

The installation progress screen is about the same, with a modern touch and a new terminal view button.

ubuntu new installer installation complete

At the end of the installation process, a new end screen is shown with options to either restart Ubuntu or shut down.

The overall install experience has been upgraded to current standards, which makes it more appealing, providing a modern user experience.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit more for Ubuntu 23.04's release or at least its beta release to get your hands on to properly test it out without risking encountering bugs.

Of course, unless you want to experiment with the daily builds available, feel free to explore the download page.

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