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Snap-based Immutable Ubuntu Desktop is Coming With 24.04 LTS!

Ubuntu is likely to offer an immutable desktop option based on Snap with the release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

Canonical's Snap packaging system has been the center of many controversies in the Linux world since its inception back in 2014.

There are two sides to it, one side supports Snaps due to its ease of use, and the other side isn't a fan of Canonical's closed-source approach to it.

And this upcoming move by them is just going to stir the pot even more.

What's Happening: According to a recent report, Canonical's Oliver Grawert has confirmed that Ubuntu's next long-term support release will be offered in two distinct versions.

One would be the usual classic version based on Debian, and the other one would be an immutable, snap-based release that would cater to enthusiasts.

Do keep in mind that the new all-snap version would be optional to use.

You may be wondering; Wasn't there an immutable Ubuntu version already? 🤔

Well, yes! It's called the 'Ubuntu Core' that is a containerized version of Ubuntu optimized for embedded and IoT devices.

But right now, it is not optimized for desktop use, it focuses on things like digital signage, smart home use, IoT gateways and more.

So, in a way, this can be a good thing for them if they execute this immutable all-snap Ubuntu desktop variant correctly.

When to Expect: As mentioned earlier, you can expect it with the next long-term release of Ubuntu. That would put it in April, 2024.

Yep, that is almost a year away from now! 📅

So, wrapping up.

Canonical seems to be jumping on the immutable Linux desktops bandwagon that has already seen the likes of Fedora recently approving a new immutable variant into their already big immutable distro lineup.

Albeit a bit late, they seem to be on the right track, though some of you may disagree with the all-snap nature of it.

Via omg! ubuntu

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