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Ubuntu MATE 23.04 Has Landed With New Artwork

Ubuntu MATE 23.04 has arrived. It may not as cool as you'd expect, but it is good!

Ubuntu MATE 23.04 is here! As usual, it is one of the most exciting Ubuntu flavours available.

Not to forget, Ubutu MATE 22.10 included some new MATE desktop feature upgrades along with AI wallpapers being added to the collection.

Let me mention some of the key highlights of this release.

Ubuntu MATE 23.04: What's New?

ubuntu mate 23.04

Some of the biggest Ubuntu MATE changes include:

  • Dropping Flatpak by default
  • PipeWire replaces PulseAudio
  • Linux Kernel 6.2
  • New wallpapers

Ubuntu MATE was one of the flavours that featured Flatpak support by default.

Of course, users who prefer Flatpak over Snap favored Ubuntu MATE for its out-of-the-box support on Ubuntu MATE 22.10 or older.

ubuntu mate welcome

Unfortunately, with Ubuntu MATE 23.04, users will have to manually setup Flatpak if they want it. Canonical recently made this decision for all its flavours, if you did not know.

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MATE desktop environment has seen some subtle improvements, and gets a minor version bump with MATE 1.26.1 as its version pre-installed. You can also notice some icon updates throughout the system.

Next, with PipeWire as its sound server, you should have no issues with detecting various sound devices/sources.

Of course, Linux Kernel 6.2 should also compliment to that with better hardware compatibility and refinements.

ubuntu mate terminal

Not to forget, Ubuntu MATE 23.04 adds some cool artwork (AI generated) for background. Thanks to Simon Butcher.

ubuntu mate 23.04 wallpapers

Here's one of them. So cool, right? 🤩

ubuntu mate 23.04 wallpaper

Other package updates include:

  • Firefox 111
  • Celluloid 0.20
  • Evolution 3.48
  • LibreOffice 7.5.2

So, now waiting for the Ubuntu MATE team to bring the MATE experience to Debian.

📥 Getting Ubuntu MATE 23.04

The download may take some time to be available after the release announcement. 

You can download Ubuntu MATE 23.04 ISO from the official website or Ubuntu's repository.

If you are an existing user and want to upgrade, follow the official instructions in the release notes.

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