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Ubuntu Studio 24.04 Releases With PipeWire 1.0

Professionals and content creators, Ubuntu Studio 24.04 brings in meaningful upgrades.

Ubuntu Studio, the Linux distro tailored for content production professionals, has received a new release amidst the ongoing shower of Ubuntu flavor releases.

The Ubuntu Studio 24.04 release is a long-term support release that does share many improvements with its earlier 23.10 release. However, this release does have some new things to offer.

So, let's see what's in store.

🆕 Ubuntu Studio 24.04 LTS: What's New?

a screenshot of ubuntu studio 24.04 lts desktop screen

Powered by the latest Linux kernel 6.8, Ubuntu Studio 24.04 LTS will be supported for three years until April 2027. It also shares many changes with another Ubuntu flavor release, Kubuntu 24.04 LTS, but we will focus on this.

Some key highlights include:

  • Flutter-based Installer
  • KDE Plasma 5.27
  • New Wallpapers
  • Updated Packages

Flutter-based Installer

a screenshot of ubuntu studio 24.04 lts flutter based installer

Ubuntu Studio now comes equipped with a Flutter-based installer derived off Ubuntu and Ubuntu Budgie's installers, making this the first non-GNOME flavor to feature this installation experience.

It also ships with a few tweaks made by the Ubuntu Studio team and features two installation modes.

One is “Interactive Installation”, which is the usual way of installing an Ubuntu-based distro, the other is “Automated Installation”, which lets users run YAML scripts to automate installation.

KDE Plasma 5.27

a screenshot of ubuntu studio 24.04 lts about system info

Similar to the recent Kubuntu release, Ubuntu Studio 24.04 LTS has also opted for the older, more stable KDE Plasma 5.27.11 release, which was primarily a bug fix release introduced back in March.

Other than that, KDE Frameworks 5.115.0 is also being offered that ships with updated breeze icons, a fix for KCalendarCore, and a parent widget for diff dialogs on KTextEditor.

New Wallpapers

a screenshot of ubuntu studio 24.04 lts wallpaper menu with the new wallpapers

There are seven new wallpapers included with the Ubuntu Studio 24.04 LTS release. Two of them have been designed by Ubuntu Studio's art lead, Eylul Dogruel, and the rest five were chosen from a wallpaper competition that they ran.

The two by Eylul are the default wallpapers, with one sporting the Ubuntu Studio logo, and the other featuring the Crown mascot logo from Ubuntu 24.04 LTS “Noble Numbat”.

You can learn more about the winning community submissions on the official blog.

Updated Packages

Finally, we have some updated apps and packages that include:

  • PipeWire 1.0.4
  • Audacity 3.4.2
  • digiKam 8.2.0
  • darktable 4.6.1
  • GIMP 2.10.36
  • OBS Studio 30.0.2

For more details on Ubuntu Studio 24.04 LTS, you can refer to the official release notes.

📥 Download Ubuntu Studio 24.04 LTS

You can grab Ubuntu Studio 24.04 LTS from the official website, and if that doesn't cut it for you, then you can also get it from the Ubuntu image repository.

If you have any further questions, then you can also check out the Ubuntu Studio wiki for more information.

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