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Zorin OS 16.2 Released, It's All About Useful Refinements

Zorin OS 16.2 is a sweet upgrade with essential refinements across the board.

Zorin OS is one of the most beautiful Linux distributions based on the Ubuntu LTS releases.

Not just limited to that, we think of it as one of the finest distros for beginners:

5 Reasons Why Zorin OS is an Ideal Choice for Beginners
Zorin OS is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Linux distributions available. However, it is not just limited to how it looks. Compared to some other options available, it offers a nice user experience overall. And, which is why, we also recommend it as one of the top choices for

The latest version, Zorin OS 16.2, is now available to download.

Zorin OS 16.2: What's New?

There are several significant improvements, those include:

  • Easier to install Windows apps
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft office documents
  • Improved Zorin Connect
  • GDevelop tool added to Zorin OS Education
The Zorin OS 16 series will get software updates and patches until April 2025.

Easier to Install Windows Apps

Zorin OS could already detect .exe files and guide you to install them on your distribution using Wine under the hood.

Now, it gets easier.

zorin os windows app support menu

A new "Windows App Support" menu sits under the "System Tools" section.

You can enable Windows app support through it.

Along with the new menu, the database to detect Windows installer files has also expanded to guide you to a better user experience.

For instance, launching Windows installers for Epic Games Store or GOG Galaxy directs you to install Heroic Games Launcher.

zorin os heroic games

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Office Experience Enhancements

Zorin OS has added alternatives to popular proprietary fonts to improve compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.

For example, Carlito is an alternative to Calibri (the default typeface in Office 365).

Zorin Connect Gets Better

Zorin Connect is a valuable utility that helps you connect your mobile device to a Zorin OS-powered computer.

It already offered a seamless experience. Now, you can view your computer's battery status on your phone, which should be handy for laptop users.

The battery stats are available by default in Zorin OS 16.2. If you have an older version of Zorin OS, you should update the Zorin Connect app first.

zorin connect

Next, you need to navigate to the paired phone battery option in the Zorin Connect computer app and enable "Share Statistics".

GDevelop in Zorin OS Education

zorin os gdevelop

Zorin OS offers different editions for various users, and the education variant provides all the valuable tools to learners.

GDevelop is a new tool to the list. It is a no-code game development software that reduces the learning curve for programming and helps boost creativity.

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🛠️ Other Improvements

In addition to the highlights, other significant changes include:

  • Updated LibreOffice 7.4 app with WebP support
  • Updated applications and graphics drivers
  • Added a maximize effect and refined physics for Jelly Mode
  • Newer hardware compatibility

Download Zorin OS 16.2

You can upgrade to the latest version from the Software Updater. If it is a fresh installation, download the ISO from its official website.

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