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carbonOS: This Upcoming Independent Distro is All About UX and Robust Experience

carbonOS is a new upcoming distro on the radar. Explore more about it here.

Independent Linux distributions are interesting to look at.

These are not the best options for someone new to the Linux world. However, each comes with a unique offering—some known for their customization, control, and various other aspects of an operating system.

carbonOS is one such upcoming independent distro that got my attention ☝️

Before anyone starts - "Why do we need this distro?" in the comments section. Let us always appreciate the time and effort developers put into "trying" to create something new and valuable.

Do you have a suggestion in your mind already? Don't forget to tell me about it in the comments box below.

carbonOS: Focusing on Intuitive User Experience

We all need a distribution that checks all the boxes.

Unfortunately, the complexity of our human brain helps us nitpick things with everything. So, Linux helps us satisfy several options (even though sometimes it gets confusing, yes!).

carbonOS is an open operating system built from scratch featuring a GNOME desktop environment.

It does not "look" different, but technically it has a few highlights. The developer describes it as:

It is an atomic distribution, which means that OS updates are always safe. The system’s layout ensures the integrity of system files. Unlike other atomic distros, carbonOS does not attempt to keep around traditional package management features: carbonOS is Flatpak-first for your apps and container-first for everything else. This will allow carbonOS to achieve unique features, like Verified/Secure Boot.

So, we have:

  • UX-focused approach
  • Flatpak-first
  • Container-first
  • Atomic updates (lets you undo updates)

Furthermore, the developer mentions:

I’d love to fulfill the "GnomeBook” dream: an OS as maintenance-free as Chrome OS, but as powerful as a real desktop OS and all without compromising the users’ ultimate freedom over their hardware.

A polished distro that gives you stability, security, and a good desktop experience is always music to one's ears. You can check this project on its official website or GitLab page.

Currently, only alpha builds of carbonOS are available to test. This is not suitable for testing on production systems.

Not to forget, Vanilla OS is approaching similarly. The only difference is that you have a stable release for it, and carbonOS is a work in progress.

Some of its future plans include better NVIDIA support, ARM port, and other enhancements.

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Fret not; if you do not like GNOME-based options, there are plenty of KDE-based distributions.

So, what do you think of carbonOS? 💬

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