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Fedora Workstation 39 May Feature Anaconda Web UI Installer by Default

The new Anaconda Web UI installer could debut with Fedora Workstation 39.

Fedora's installation experience has remained unchanged for quite a while now.

However, the new Web UI installer, which has been in the works for over a year, is now closer to implementation than ever before.

Why now?

When we last looked at the upcoming Anaconda WebUI installer, the progress was quite good.

But now, a change proposal has finally been filed to add the installer to Fedora Workstation to provide a modern user experience. The proposal is pending review from the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo).

Let's look at the upcoming installer and the proposal, taking a second peek, and when to expect it to arrive with a Fedora release.

Anaconda WebUI: Overview ⭐

a pre-release screenshot of the anaconda webui installer
A pre-release screenshot of the Anaconda WebUI installer

The existing installer for Fedora uses an old GTK3 base, known for being inefficient and insecure in numerous instances. The new Anaconda WebUI installer aims to mitigate that.

It uses a modern backend with a PatternFly-based user interface developed by the Anaconda team.

The backend consists of Python, DBus, Cockpit, and React/PatternFly. These are set to address many known UX issues from the get-go and have made way for a consistent install experience.

The change proposal also mentions a few key highlights of the new UI that include the following:

  • Wizard solution instead of hub and spoke.
  • New welcome screen to select language (will be preselected from a language configured in the system).
  • Timezone and date configuration.
  • Disk selection
  • Guided partitioning
  • Review Configuration
  • Installation progress
  • Build-in help

The primary focus is on presenting a wizard-like experience with more information to the users and helping them better along the installation process.

That's a lot of additions to the new installer; it sounds like a good user experience change! 😃

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So, when can we expect this?

As this change is subject to approval by FESCo, it all depends on how the voting process goes.

But, I am pretty confident that this change will be approved, as the change proposal has set a targeted release of the new Anaconda WebUI installer with Fedora 39.

💬 It's only a matter of time before this change is approved; what do you think of it?

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