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Kubuntu 22.10 is Now Available!

Kubuntu 22.10 may not be the most exciting upgrade. But, it includes useful changes!

Kubuntu is an official Ubuntu flavor that offers a lot of functionality in a refined KDE-powered package.

The release of Kubuntu 22.10 promises various improvements and a newer version of KDE Plasma.

Let us go through the highlights of this release.

Kubuntu 22.10: What's New?

kubuntu 22.10 desktop

Kubuntu 22.10 is bringing in a lot of updates, some of the important ones that you can expect are:

  • KDE Plasma 5.25
  • Linux Kernel 5.19
  • PipeWire
  • Firefox 104
  • Qt 5.15.6
Kubuntu 22.10 will be supported for nine months until July 2023. If you want stability over features, you should prefer using an LTS version.

KDE Plasma 5.25

kubuntu 22.10 kde version

Even though KDE Plasma 5.26 was released recently, Kubuntu 22.10 ships with KDE Plasma 5.25.

However, KDE Plasma 5.25 is still a major update over 5.24, which contained a lot of improvements such as, enhanced support for touchpads/touchscreens, upgrades to the user interface, and more.

You can read our coverage of KDE Plasma 5.25 to learn more:

KDE Plasma 5.25 Release is All About Color, Theme, and Other Improvements
KDE Plasma 5.25 has been one of the most anticipated releases, considering its recent focus on visual refinements and workflow improvements. For instance, you got an updated Breeze theme and a new overview effect to improve the workflow with KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS. Finally, KDE Plasma 5.25

Also, you can expect KDE Plasma 5.26 to come as a point release instead of being part of the launch of Kubuntu 22.10.

PipeWire Default

Like most Ubuntu 22.10-based distros, PipeWire is the default audio/video handler in this version of Kubuntu.

It replaces PulseAudio, known to not play nice with Ubuntu 22.10.

Linux Kernel 5.19

kubuntu 22.10 linux kernel 5.19

Kubuntu 22.10 features the latest Linux Kernel 5.19, this should lead to improved support for ARM SoCs, Arc Alchemist GPUs, various BTRFS improvements, initial support for AMD RDNA3 graphics, and more.

Linus Torvalds Uses Apple MacBook Hardware to Release Linux Kernel 5.19
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Wayland Session for Testing

kubuntu 22.10 wayland session switcher

Kubuntu 22.10 features initial support for a Plasma Wayland session, but it is intended for testing purposes only and is not a complete integration.

kubuntu 22.10 wayland session info

Other Upgrades

Some of the other updates include the following:

  • Ability to customize desktop accent color.
  • Firefox 104 snap as the default browser.
  • Qt 5.15.6
  • LibreOffice 7.4
  • Improved App Store.

To explore more about the release, refer to the official release notes.

Download Kubuntu 22.10

You can download the latest ISO from Ubuntu's central image repository or its official website.

It might take a while for its official website to make the ISO available.

💬 Are you excited about this release?

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