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500 Individuals Received Training & Certification Scholarships by The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation regularly provides scholarship training to individuals.

With a new scholarship program a.k.a “The Shubhra Kar Linux Foundation Training (LiFT)” scholarship program, they seem to have done a fantastic job by announcing 500 recipients eligible to receive the reward.

In case you are curious, the program was renamed in honor of Shubra Kar (longtime CTO of Linux Foundation) who passed away earlier this year.

There were over 3000 applicants for the scholarship program, and the best candidates (eligible) were filtered to include various individuals across the globe. Some of the countries include India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, Greece, and Indonesia.

Diversity and Scholarship: Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is well-known for its opportunities fit for all kinds of individuals across the globe.

With the latest scholarship reward announcement, they have added more benchmarks to their commitment to individuals with an interest in open source and technology.

Not just students, but some tech professionals were also selected to receive this year’s scholarships. The press release mentioned some numbers:

This year’s scholarship applicants reflect the diversity of open source, with ages of applicants ranging from 13 to 66 with the average age being 27 years old. Applications were received from 133 different countries.

The recipient list for 2022’s Linux Foundation scholarship program was due to be announced at the Open Source Sumit event in Austin, TX.

Each individual will receive a training course and registration for a certification exam from Linux Foundation. It should be an exciting reward!

Jim Zemlin (Linux Foundation Executive Director ) mentions:

“This group shows the promise that open source and collaborative development brings by opening doors to new careers, and also by bringing in new perspectives and worldviews that lead to better technology outcomes. We hope these recipients are also inspired by the memory of our friend and colleague Shubhra, who was an incredible technologist and human being, reflecting the best traits of the open source community.” 

If you are someone who applied for the scholarship program and want to check the list of recipients, you can check out the official spreadsheet for the name you’re looking for.

And, if you did not make it through, there’s always the next time! The Linux Foundation regularly brings back the scholarship programs and provides certification/training to individuals who cannot easily afford it.

You can keep an eye on their activities for next year!

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