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Linux Foundation Offers Free WebAssembly Training Courses for Developers

If you are a developer working with native cloud applications and want to get rid of the overheads that come with several cloud providers, taking a look at WebAssembly (Wasm) will only make things easier.

WebAssembly basically helps you add capabilities to your web applications, potentially leading to a stable and richer website experience.

It is incredibly useful for cloud, mobile, networking, and other applications. Hence, a free training course from Linux Foundation is a great initiative to help developers who want to learn more about it.

WebAssembly Training Courses by Linux Foundation

As of now, there are two free WebAssembly training courses by The Linux Foundation. One deals with the introduction to WebAssembly and the second one dives a bit deeper.

The second one was recently announced – so we will address that here.

The second course was recently added to the catalog which makes it a good starter pack for any developer to learn.

The latest course – WebAssembly Actors: From Cloud to Edge mentions:

Learn about the portability, efficiency, and security of WebAssembly modules and how to leverage a number of open source frameworks to create distributed and seamlessly connected actors that can be deployed in a browser, on a laptop, in the cloud, on a Raspberry Pi, or practically anywhere

Of course, if you have existing experience with native cloud development and building microservices, you might find this resource useful.

If you are a developer who wants to extend your work with Functions as a Service (FaaS) without the overhead of cloud providers or sacrificing the ability to experiment and test locally and in any other environment, this should be perfect for you.

Considering that the cloud computing industry is in demand, learning to be more efficient with cloud computing services should definitely give you an edge with your skillset.

The course is accessible on for free audit with seven-week period time. If you like it, you can opt for a verified certification on the course for a fee. You can sign up and enroll for the training from eDX course page linked in the button below.

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