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Linux Release Roundup #21.11: Photoflare 1.6.7, FreeBSD 13.0, SparkyLinux 2021.03 and More New Releases

In the Linux Release Roundup series, we summarize the new application and distribution versions release in the last few days. This keeps you informed with the latest developments in the Linux world.

Sigstore Launched By The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation has launched Sigstore, a software signing service for open-source software. It is a collaborative effort with Google and Red Hat.

It is aimed at preventing cybersecurity disasters and provide a unified platform for secure software signing.

You can read our coverage for more information.

FreeBSD 13.0 Released

FreeBSD is a popular multiplatform BSD-derived UNIX-like operating system.

Recently, FreeBSD 13.0 has been released with a host of improvements that include better Intel CPU performance, improvements to the FreeBSD Update utility, new features for efibootmgr and more.

You can read the official release notes for more information.

Photoflare 1.6.7 Released

Photoflare is a simple yet powerful image manipulation tool that takes some pages out of PhotoFiltre’s book, another popular image editor.

The team behind Photoflare have announced the release of “Photoflare 1.6.7”, it is being offered with new language translations, a new paint tool and more.

For more information you can check the official announcement.

MakuluLinux “LinDoz” Edition Released

MakuluLinux “LinDoz” Edition has been released, it is based on a heavily modified Cinnamon 4.8.2 Framework that has been customized to resemble the interface of Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

To know more about the release, check the official announcement.

Avidemux 2.7.8 Released

Avidemux 2.7.8 has been released with many new features such as new video filters, a dedicated MOV muxer, improvements to HDR support, limited support for 7.1 channel audio and more.

If you are not familiar with Avidemux, it is a multi-platform, open-source video editing software that offers a bunch of useful features.

You can know more about the release by reading the official release notes.

SparkyLinux 2021.03 Released

SparkyLinux is a lightweight and minimal Debian-based operating system that provides the option to choose from four desktop environments with a set of pre-installed open-source software.

Recently, the developers behind SparkyLinux have announced the release of “SparkyLinux 2021.03”, with this update a new desktop environment and many other improvements are being offered.

To know more about the release, check our coverage of the same.

SystemRescue 8.01 Released

SystemRescue is a Linux system recovery utility that can be executed off a bootable USB flash drive to recover a corrupted Linux install, carry out admin tasks such as creating new hard disk partitions and more.

SystemRescue 8.01 has been released with a couple of bug fixes, you can read the release notes to know more.

Flatpak 1.10.2 Security Patch Released

Flatpak 1.10.2 has been released, it is not a big update but an important update nonetheless.

It fixes a major security vulnerability in which a Flatpak app could gain access to files on the host system that it is not authorized to have access to via a custom formatted .desktop file.

For more information on the topic, refer to the official release notes.

Qubes OS 4.0.4 Released

Qubes OS is an open-source security and privacy focused operating system that uses Xen-based virtualization to create isolated partitions called qubes and provides users with a secure environment to install whatever operating systems or applications they want installed.

Recently, Qubes OS 4.0.4 was released with a host of improvements and a few new virtual machine templates.

Read the official release notes for more information.

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