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Linux Release Roundup #21.21: NetBSD 9.2, Kdenlive 21.04.1, Ubuntu Touch OTA 17, and More New Releases

In the Linux Release Roundup series, we summarize the new application and distribution versions release in the last few days. This keeps you informed with the latest developments in the Linux world.

NetBSD 9.2 Released

NetBSD 9.2 is a mostly a bug fix release that addresses a number of networking fixes along with ZFS stability improvements.

There are some kernel-level changes and updates to certain programs. You can read all about it in the official announcement.

Ubuntu Touch OTA 17 Released

While still being based on Ubuntu 16.04, UBPorts released a new stable update that brings in some new features.

You can learn more about it in our coverage.

Kdenlive 21.04.1 Released

While Kdenlive 21.04 introduced many exciting features and changed, a maintenance release followed it shortly after.

To learn more about it, have a look at the official blog post.

GeckoLinux New Rolling Update Released

The openSUSE-based distribution brings another rolling update with some quality of life improvements. The calamares installer now has btrfs filesystem as the default along with a few interesting changes.

You can learn more about the changes in their release notes.

Elive 3.8.20 Beta Released

A live CD distribution based on Debian while featuring the Enlightenment desktop has a beta new release.

This update tests a new kernel upgrade along with several bug fixes. You may want to read the official announcement post to know more.

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