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Switchroot Lets You Run Ubuntu 24.04 LTS On Your Nintendo Switch!

Start using Ubuntu 24.04 LTS on platforms you didn't expect?

We all know Linux can run on almost everything 😎

Hence, I am always impressed when I come across cases where I see Linux being ported over to platforms that don't support it natively. Take, for example, the Asahi Linux project, they have managed to bring a very usable Linux experience to Apple's Mac devices.

Similarly, one such project that has been making waves, switchroot, an open-source project that focuses on getting Linux and Android running on the NVIDIA Tegra X1-powered Nintendo Switch.

They have quietly introduced a new Linux image that comes equipped with the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release. Let's check it out!

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS on Nintendo Switch: What to Expect? we develop android and linux for the nintendo switch

Introduced under their L4T (Linux for Tegra) image lineup, this Ubuntu Noble build can run on all Nintendo Switch versions, with varying degrees of workarounds that are a prerequisite for switchroot to function properly.

Currently, the developers have only provided two variants, one is Kubuntu, and the other is a Unity desktop variant. The GNOME Shell variant is in the works too, but a few issues have been holding it back.

If you were to compare it with the previous Ubuntu 18.04 build, the Ubuntu Noble build lacks hardware encode/decode in GStreamer-based players, and only works on FFmpeg ones. Moreover, there's no CUDA compiler support, but it features the CUDA runtime 10.0.

Of course, it is still a work in progress, but I am impressed to know what the switchroot team has pulled off so far. And I wonder how Nintendo might react.

You see, they are known to be a vicious bunch when it comes to exercising their IP rights. So far, switchroot doesn't seem to have come into their litigating gaze, and I hope it remains that way.

Want to Check it Out?

For starters, you can refer to the official wiki to get your bearings. Then, you can head to the official index to download any of the two available variants and follow the instructions to get it installed on your Nintendo Switch.

If you are interested in contributing to the switchroot project, then you can check out its GitLab repo.

Via: Omg! Ubuntu

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